Own board deck swap mini kt

Hey Guys! I am looking to do a deck swap on my Stoked Board Mini KT by RS V1.0. I love everything about it…however the board is simply to stiff. Any ideas would be great!!! TY.52287102_10156797719036421_3402754120191311872_n

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Loaded vanguard, done deal


I don’t know enough about boards to really put forward recommendations but you haven’t specified what type of board you are looking at

Guessing based on the board you chose from the ownboard lineup that your chasing a short board with a kick tail ?

You may also want to mention where you are located as availability varies based on where you are in the world

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If you like the short decks, the Aileron 121c might be to your taste. It has a bit of flex to it while keeping the short deck+kt.

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