Ownboard (boosted style) Enclosures for Sale [EU]


I have ordered a ownboard kit but I’m not going to use the esc and battery enclosure. They are new and not used.

I need the charging port so that will not be included, the lcd voltage display will stay in the enclosure. IMG_20190318_143840 IMG_20190318_144214 IMG_20190318_142151

  • 10S2P with 18650 cells
  • 10S2P with 20700/21700 cells
  • 2x 5S 5Ah lipo packs
  • Max 11S2P with 21700 cells

Looking for 20€

I saw skatemetric used them on a vanguard build and that looked pretty good: ogyoutube IMG_20190412_191506


Why does nobody sell these in the US? I need this…

Yeah shipping is just way to expensive to the US.

Added location. :slight_smile:

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Thanks! Forgot to mention that :wink:

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Just letting you know that it might be a while until these sell at this price since eskating.eu has pretty cheap enclosures at the moment. :eyes:

Wow nice and yeah that’s true they have good prices for their enclosures. I was just trying this price again because previous time they were quickly sold for the same price.

I think I’m going to drop the price to 20€ :wink:

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Still available? How much to Ireland?

Yes, I will pm you

Are they sold?

Yes They are sold