Ownboard Mini owners

Hey guys,

I’ve recently received my first E board a couple of weeks ago, the Ownboard Mini KT (Ronnie’s Stoked version). I have to say I am really impressed with it so far. I originally purchased a Raptor 2.1, which I never received, but am glad I went with this now as it is more than enough for me as a beginner.

I use it to get to work each day now and am slowly getting more confident with it. However after about 150 kms I am thinking about what spares I need so I don’t need to go without it for too long when I eventually break something.

For those that have done a fair bit of riding on theirs, what parts have you had to replace on it so far?



I got a Meepo. Get a extra charger one at home one in ur bag. Get a bunch of PU sleeves. And ur golden. Had mine 2 summer now. Still rides without a problem.

Not a lot of maintenance…

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I’m on 2672km with my Wowgo 2s (Basically the same board) I never had to replace anything so far. I just bough a spare remote just to be sure. The Pu is perfectly fine except for some cuts from Glass.

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