P.O.S Powerboard Penny - Upgrade

So … Picked up a P.O.S. New 12v Powerboard with key fob remote for $15 bucks…What I really want is to make use of is the drive train

I wanna slap on a NTM 5060 on this…with a 6s pack … If it works…should be a Widow Maker of a penny board…

Has anyone seen this board?

I know I’ll have to switch out the esc and the battery compartment could carry a 6s lipo … If it don’t fit…I guess I’ll just make my own enclosure :+1:t2: and I’ll have to switch the remote as well…

Any other ideas abt how to approach this modification?


$15? bargain! id overvolt the current motor until it blows first… for science.


Hahah but it’s either on or off hahah

replace the battery and ESC. overvolt. ??? PROFIT!

I wonder if the motor will fit in the housing ? Prob will have re drill holes eh?

probably, but thats not too difficult.

Haha … I’ll have to get me one of those snazzy Australian accents and use my camera phone in an Homage to the @lowGuido Cam … Hahhahahah … For Science!

G’day mate, a Dingo stole my baby.


Hahah sick…

I’m really curious abt the drive train… I’m crossing my fingers it works…

So if it allows me to over volt it…how can I switch out the on/off action with a trigger remote? I’ll prob have to switch the esc?

yeah just change ESC out and use and RC remote or something. Crikey!

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If it works…ill throw some shrimp on the barbi to celebrate :fried_shrimp:

I wonder if the motor can handle the 6s ?

I think it will…

for a while.

This gonna need a helmet cam for this ride lol

a helmet cam… for science? lol :stuck_out_tongue:

No the helmet cam to catch if this POS board sends me to the hospital when I bump it to 6s and try to burn out the current motor as per Proffessor @lowGuido’s suggestion…if that happens…I slap a NTM on this bad boy and go for a spin…this thing is rated at top speed of 6mph …

Something is gonna break lol…

All for science :nerd_face: Ain’t that right @lowGuido? Lol :rotating_light::ambulance::hospital:

Who knows…this drive train could end up making this a sweet mini eboard… Not sure of the size but it looks mighty tiny

that would be cool if it worked, but you won’t get much range without a jumbo battery that might not even fit under the board. Either way, its a steal for $15. That drive chain looks like it should work well.

It’s a 12v battery in there which I plan to switch to 6s lipo…that should give it some legs…and depending on the size of the box I’m hoping to get a 5000mah battery in its place…and depending on the gearing … Maybe squeeze out 5 miles!..and that’s good enough to take anywhere especially if the board it’s self is as small as it looks…which I’m hoping …

If this does work…ill put my stroller mod on it and see if I can give the kids a ride and burn out the motor lol

Is it a chain drive? It looks like a belt…