Pack #5, 3 volts below the rest

I recently swapped my Evolve Bamboo GT with a 10S4P, the range is amazing now, however one of my cells is 3V below the rest.

I need to find out if the BMS is bad or one if the cells on the pack is bad.

I disassemble the pack today and all 4 individual cells from pack #5 were 3.64V, while all other packs were 4.00V.

I need to find out if the Evolve BMS is acting up or the cells are bad.

What would be the best way to detect the culprit?, is there any procedure to diagnose the BMS or cells?, I think I’m going to buy a capacity meter like a hobby charger soon

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Get an imax B6 and charge them up separately, then discharge them

Edit: Or any hobby charger that is just the cheapest if you don’t have one