Painting a Motor

Has anyone tried to paint, or some how change the color of their motor? I’m trying to go for an aesthetically pleasing build. All of my parts are different colors, and I want them to mesh together nicely. I know it doesn’t matter at the end of the day because it’s all facing downwards, but there’s something about a good looking set up. Let me know if anyone has painted/changed the color of their motor or any advice if I was to take this on.

If you’re going for a solid color, just 3d print a cover for it. I’d assume it would also be easy to spray paint with some paint made for adhering to metal

Could carbon fibre wrap it if you wanted. That’s what I’m gonna do when I get my new motors. The wrap goes for less than $2 on ebay

@cwazy1 I have no sort of 3D printing knowledge, nor do I have a 3D printer. So I guess I’m looking at painting it? I was looking at automotive automotive engine paint that will take heats up to 550 degrees fahrenheit. Going to paint the motor mount as well.

@pat.speed is wrapping the engine in carbon fibre an easy process? Also, will it tolerate the temperature coming from the motor?

I’m not sure about the temp I didn’t think about that. It’s not very hard it isn’t proper carbon fibre, it’s just a peel and stick sheet that looks like carbon fibre. Google it and you’ll see what I mean. I covered my deck in it the other day it looks great

Your motor should never heat up to the point where you cannot hold it in your palm.

You can use a carbon fiber adhesive wrap if you just want to keep it really simple. It can be found anywhere for dirt cheap.

@cwazy1 I’ll be running a 5065 260 kv motor with 6S4P battery. Are you sure it won’t ever get hot?

@pat.speed Let me know when you carbon fibre wrap your motors. I feel like it will be hard to get a clean wrap on a shape like that.

Definitely shouldn’t get hot. It might get a little warm after heavy use.

The only time my 6355 190kv on 12s got warm was when I had a shorted phase wire, which caused the motor to be constantly braking about 10%.

Yeah I will make a thread about it. I probably won’t wrap the whole motor just the main flat parts

I’ve tried the wrap and after a recent ride it peels like a rotten banana

I have tried to paint a motor and it works if you just want a solid color, if you plan on getting artistic get a paint that can hold up to excessive heat then apply a polyethylene coat

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Did you use an adhesive primer before you wrapped it? Something like 3m 94 primer

I’ve painted my motors one solid color. Just some $3 spray paint and taped off the openings on both sides. Seems to be holding up well after 4 months. Just make sure you clean the motors with alcohol before hand and you should be good to go

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@willpark16 Did you use any sort of primer?

Yea was probably cheap though so maybe with good primer?

@willpark16 @pennyboard Do you guys have any pictures of your painted motor? Also, did you disassemble the motor before painting or did you just tape it up?

Just taped it up I’ll take a look though

@willpark16 how’d you deal with the ends of the motors with the holes? or did you only paint the cylindrical part?