Pair of unused hub motors 50mm 1000w (USA INDIANA)

Hi there, first post, so please kindly inform me if I break any rules. I got these from a friend. They are the custom motors that user jacobbloy made. 1000w 50mm. I am asking 200 obo for the pair. The only reason I am listing these used is because they have a set screw mark on the side plate. I am willing to trade for a nano X controller and receiver plus 50 bucks, but you have to be able to ship it out asap. If I order one from Australia(china) I am looking at 6 weeks, and there isnt that much nice weather left.

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Are they still up for grabs?

I have a spare nano x controller. Brand new never used. PM if interested.

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What kV is this motor? Also how is it screwed on to a truck?

Kind of an old post but those motors are 70KV I believe. Mine hit 23mph on 12S voltage. The motors from @jacobbloy had black urathane as far as I know, these are likely from the same factory though. Jacob’s had 4 set screws, 2 parallel and two perpendicular with the length of the axle that went into holes that could be drilled into the hanger. Biggest issue with them was urathane slippage. The only remedy I found was @ralphy wheel mod.