PaleRider / dual 6374 / FOCBOX / Torque Board 218mm / 10S / ABEC 11 97mm / Maytech

Titanium motor mounts would be awesome!!!

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And they would be :moneybag::moneybag::moneybag::moneybag::moneybag:


Do you have a powerbank inside there!? :rofl:

wow, neat job on the gasket!

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well… I’m undecided on whether to leave it in there, with a fitted flush USB extention to the outside of the enclosure. The thinking there is for recharging of the front and rear lights (USB charged), or a phone, or anything small for that matter whilst I’m out and about.

I’ve got the space in there, so why not ? :slight_smile:

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thanks, still needs a bit of trimming actually to make it as neat as I want, but it’s a simple and cheap solution, and the self adhesive is so tacky it will never move around. The picture makes it look like felt, but it’s definitely neoprene rubber and will form a good seal for the electrics inside.

A bit of housekeeping in the enclosure this afternoon. Wasn’t happy with the rough cuts on the gasket and FOCBOX tidy, so a hour or so with some P120 paper, and it all looks nice in there (I think)


wow. seriously impressive levels of attention to detail going on there!


This is a great idea, it’s funny you say that, because it WILL happen, ive had the switch rattle itself to the off position pretty much every ride, so I will be doing this asap, I was originally going to replace the switch with a simple rocker, but this is way better.


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It’s a Friday, so gonna try and make some progress today…


holy mother of god, you were not exaggerating about the workshop!

now about the adoption procedure…



and there was you questioning my commitment and facilities… :grin:

That said, I’m sure I’ll make some mistakes along the way. This is my first eSK8 build after all, but I do want to make it OEM looking if I can

lol, I know right :slight_smile: I had just been engaged in a “spirited” discussion with some folks on FB about the kits and was definitely being too cautious :slight_smile:

with the touches like those titanium bolts it’s not going to look OEM, it’s going to look a lot better :slight_smile: More like those custom cars done by the best of the best workshops

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your workshop reminds me of the workshop at the SFX company I did some work for earlier in the year.

Nice build log :slight_smile:

Do you happen to have a lathe machine?

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there is a lathe in between the drill presses


thanks ! Typically work got in the way this morning, so looks like I’m comng in over the weekend instead now… :frowning:

That workshop is functional, but not modern. Just an accumluation of stuff over 20 years in business as an injection moulder. Still, so long as it’s not 5 axis CNC I can do pretty much anything on a small scale with milling, lathes, grinder and far too many tools.

Keep thinking about what stuff needs injection moulding for eSK8 that isn’t already available, and what would make a return on investment due to the ridiculous tooling costs for injection moulds. It’s still niche market I guess, but the only thing I can think of is wheel pulleys, but they have so many variations to fit so many wheels that it still seems like pie in the sky to spend £10K on a mould per set. 3D printing is still the way to go right now on that.

Open to suggestions though… :slight_smile:

thanks! The lathe is far right corner on the picture. Between the drill press and milling machine is a surface grinder :slight_smile:

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I might have some ideas :slight_smile:

Will drop you an email once I have a bit more of a cohesive plan in mind.

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