Panasonic board

Here is my board finally working reliably now goes ok to be fair needs more power now to 36v Will the two 18v batteries running together only give me 4 mile range ?image image image


Voltage has nothing to do with range. It is all about capacity. However, the more batteries you have the further your board will go.

Get you like 5 or 6 of those 18v packs and you could.

Curious, what Motor are you running?

It’s 36v and 400 w

Or a 600w Think it’s these trucks and motor image

It looks just so awesome! :slight_smile:

Theoretically you can go as far as you want, just chuck a few of those drill batteries in a backpack and ride off into the sunset!

I have 10 of them I’ve 12 14.4v ones too I’ve wired it up to 28.8 and it fucking moves I’ll do it again tomorrow and get the stats on it

This is an interesting swapping battery solution that I’m surprised no one has yet to fully attempt.

How hard is it to replace the cells in these? How many could fit?

Or rather

How hard would it be to mimic or find the manufacturer that creates the casing and charge units for these power drills? This has really got me thinking. Ganna make a separate thread for this.

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You won’t need a thread, they are 18650’s inside, every brand uses a different cell. There’s thingverse holders available and many people have done this. Just do a search.

Yeah I saw , Looking through this thread now

Me that’s why I have so many batteries