Panasonic NCR18650PF batteries seem like a steal €2,55

hey guys,

I came across this site and found these crazy cheap panasonic batteries.

I could not really find a lot of information on the forum.

My goal is to make a 10S5P or a 12S4P battery out of these cells, what would be a better dicision?

Currently my board features a 190KV, 8s Lipo, 5Ah, 15/34 gear, and 90mm wheels.

My biggest concern is the output current, as this per cell is 10A.

let me know what you guys think!

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It seems like a steal. And it is a steal(but legal). :grinning:

Your 10s5p pack should output 1850w(50amps) and the 12s4p pack at a lower 1776w(40amps) nominally. When fully charge you can expect a 13% increase in peak performance. I usually ride at a peak of 400watts but start-ups can get up to 1200w. I use a single 6374 170kv motor at 1/3 gear. As long as you aren’t on a dual 6355 setup blazing 35mph, you are fine. :bullettrain_front:

haha, nice to hear that!

:weary: there’s only 18 Battreies in stock, 9s2p :stuck_out_tongue:

10S1.8P?? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

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:joy: :joy: 10 char

they are back in stock again!

is anyone able to find the max continuous output? max output is 10A