Parents forcing me to buy gear

So I just finished up my build and I quickly tried it out on the road in front of my house I was wearing the helmet and flatland gloves i purchased I’m 17 and still living with my parents my mom came outside took to board and said that I can’t have it until I buy full gear (what she is referring to is a lazy rolling hoodie and pair of jeans which that total comes to around 500-600$ which is almost the same I spent on the entire board I don’t really know what I’m supposed to do about this as I’m $800 in the whole building a board and she is going to give the board away unless I buy almost 600 worth of gear idk if this is the right place to post this but idk what to do


Look into motor hoodies and casual pants, no need to pay for branding that doesn’t make it any safer.


Tell her that since she ADDED this requirement, last minute, she should fund those or similar items, and have you pay payments or such.

Tell her also, that you AGREE that the equipment is a good idea.

Another idea, is to get a USED motorcycle armed jacket. I got one for 40 bucks. NICE.

Get some USED armored jeans. NON crashed.

This should set you back less than a sawbuck.

I got equipment, but dont use most of it, or rarely, as I only go 15, spurts of twenty.

Check craigs, face and ebay.


I plan on staying around 15mph and that’s what I told her I said I would be more then happy but I am not going to be buying 600 in gear as for used gear where do you find it eBay?


Oh my bad I didn’t read that last line

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I got a keen, mesh armored jacket, hooded,NEW, for a little over forty. There are a lot of armored jeans too. Ebay is best selection.

Instead of armored jeans, just some kneepads would do.

WAY less than a hundred. total.


Get new parents buddy. Or… Wait till your out of the house and living your best life. Only to crash causing traumatic injury rendering your legs useless and be right back in mommas house. Parents usually know what’s best.

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Nobleman has great pads How are the flatland gloves I was thinking about getting a pair I try to always wear a helmet use a thousand now looking into a TSG upgrade for a full face

 Enjoy riding congratulations on your build

What’s the link that’s a great price

I wish they still sold the full finger gloves as if I fell is prob scratch up my fingers pretty bad but other then that they are great (well they are also never in stock) but definitely get a pair I got mine “used” but they were new from eBay for 50 but I would definitely recommend them

Open box one off. Gotta watch.

Mesh armored jacket, with level 1 pads, is PERFECT for esk8. Especially if the inner liner is removeable. It can be used in any heat.

Do you all always wear every protection while eskateboarding ? I’m always tired of carrying all my equipment + the board when I go somewhere using my board

Only if I am gonna gun the throttle. At fifteen mph, a getoff with a roll is minimal damage. I dont even wear gloves at fifteen. I have practiced NOT putting my hands down.

But a mesh jacket with all the armor is easy and safe. Cool and stylish. I had a product, with kevlar patch, and iron on adhesive, to armor any fav jeans. Maybe I should crank back up production.

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I think and this is in my honest opinion that you can’t get any safer than just a tsg pass(helm), secure footware, clothing that prevents road rash and select gloves

all whilst being void of watches rings, jewelry and any headconnected audio devices.

any joints, back, butt, abdominal armor I’d say are secondary securities and not primary.

so I’d work from the top of the list and see when it’s enough with your mother or father.

As much as I love jamming while riding I don’t anymore. Hearing is seeing with your ears.


Also to any of y’all that were wondering a friend of mine ordered a beast board after seeing my build I thought it was a little sketch but when it arrives I’ll let y’all know if it’s a decent board or not. If it is for 600 bucks that’s a steal

I will be sticking to a lower speed I doubt I’ll ever go over 20 prob stick around 15 I got just a highly rated half shell style helmet (predator fr 7) managed to find a set of used flatland gloves for cheap and aside from that I was looking into jackets alongside just wearing non synthetic jeans (actual denim) as well as the skate series vans I figured at low speeds that should be safe enough

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I dont know why so many want to zooom. I resisted building my board for high speed. 15mph gets me places fast. Doesnt speed wobble, and can stop a hell of a lot faster than at 25mph. Gearing for 22ish tops, gets you monster torque, and less heat. AND, better range.