Paris v2 180mm + dual 6355 w/ bolt on mounts

They kept saying it wouldn’t fit, that it was too big and not enough space… that’s what she said! But I kept looking at it thinking I could find a way to stuff it in there. It looks tight, but I think I got this!

The point of this mod was that I widely prefer the performance of the Paris v2 over any truck Caliber makes. The difference between these trucks is in the bushing seat design. The bushing seat of the 180mm v2 is perfection and allows for the perfect balance of stability and precision carving; it is unmatched IMO. But I wanted to run dual rear 6355’s, which can be tricky on the 180mm v2 due to the shape of the hangar. The 195mm Paris truck does not share the same bushing seat design of the 180, and thus does not perform the same; its a different truck for a different purpose.

So today I proved my concept, which has probably been proven before but I had to go ahead and do it anyway. In the end I plan to execute this same design with welded on mounts, but for the initial test fit I decided to break out my Torqueboards bolt on mounts.

First my trusty v2 hangar had a date with my bench grinder.

Then a little trick I picked up on a tip from Torqueboards. The bolt on mount has a tendency to slip on the round Paris hangar under high impact riding conditions. :sunglasses: Turns out a little bit of heat shrink to create a bushing of sort can help with this!

Add some wheels with 12mm wheel pulleys.

And lastly we test fit the drivetrain.

That worked out well! Now if only I had some batteries @JLabs


Who said it could never be done :wink:

Good job

Nice @Blasto. I’ve run 195’s for a long time one my first build but they just aren’t the same as the 180’s. I miss the sharper turning radius. Hence my interest in this mod.

Ohhh 180, sorry i missed that! Nice!

Did you guys replace the bushings on the 195’s? The double barrel bushings contribute a lot of the issues. I would think. I switched it out to barrel + cone on 195’s and it was a lot better.

Yes I’ve tried a lot of different bushing and length combinations. I still prefer double barrel on 180’s.

@Smashapotamus Just ordered a Maestro Deck from Bustin Boards in Brooklyn. I added the 180mm Paris V2s but still need to get wheels. Did you ever get this on a board? Are you still using the Torqueboards mounts? I wouldn’t be doing hard riding so slippage would be less likely here but I do have some hills hence the 2 motors… I really like the 6355s. Anything you could give me as pointers?

Thanks and nicely done.

@marc2912 Yes i’ve been riding this setup for a couple of months now on a Sector 9 deck and its fantastic! The Paris 180’s have the turning profile i’m looking for and are narrow enough not to protrude from the deck.

I’m still running the torqueboards mounts and haven’t had any slippage issues at all. I’m 6’1" 225lbs and on a 10s setup the dual 6355’s have plenty of torque to haul me up steep long hills. I can’t rave enough about the performance of these motors. I am running them sensored on dual vesc’s with split receiver cable (no can bus). I upgraded from Turnigy motors to these and the difference is phenominal. I’m sold on the smooth operation of sensored motors and now consider sensorless to be completely unrefined by comparison.

Long term i’ll probably ditch the mounts and go welded now that i’ve confirmed my suspicion that I would love the setup. I prefer the stability, simplicity, and lack of fuss involved with welded mounts. I’ll machine a couple of mounts and weld them in this configuration to an unmodified Paris 180 hanger.

Hello guys, after reading and reading still not so clear for me whether there is any good/reliable 63 mm motor mount that would fit paris v2… without any diy modifications. tnx in advance

Not without modification.

if so I have 2 questions… probably already been discussed but will thank u if you could summarize on e again…

  1. can u share link or picture for the suggested mount that will work with paris and explain what is the required modifications?
  2. is there a big difference btwn paris and caliber 2? maybe it doesn’t worth it to complicate things and to use just caliber 2…?
  1. The needed modification is to true the hanger on a lathe. It needs to be round to fit a mount.

  2. You said it. That’s the reason you don’t see many builds using Paris trucks. They’re good tucks, just don’t have the right profile for fitting a mount.

Torqueboards used to sell Paris clones with welded mounts.

thank you!