Part List Help - 1st Build

Hello! I have a 3.5mm N5065 270kv 1800w motor, and was wondering what battery and esc would be recommended. Links would be appreciated. :smiley:

Use a VESC on 10S. Make sure you limit ERPM to 60K

I would recommend one 6s lipo or two 3s lipos in series.

You can’t use a vesc or something like this:

What if I went with a setup like this (a little strapped for cash atm) - - The esc seems a little jenky but I have suprisingly heard good things about it from eBay reviews and people on this site

For 270kv I wouldn’t even limited it runs into more issues than a 190kv or lower

Tb vesc instead of that wax and ur good

What is vesc? I hear that a lot here.

A vesc is a really good each we use for our boards, but since ur using lipos you can use an fvt esc

Ah okay. Will probably do that, but if I chose to, do you think the battery, motor and esc would work together?

Yes I do sir