Parting out DIY Torque Boards build - VESC, 6374, Hubmotor, mounts & more

Looking to part out my DIY build. US buyers only. Some of the parts are new and just have been mounted on the board and not ridden. Everything else has around 30miles of use on it.

Prices are shipped.

Torque Boards 6374 new - SOLD TB motor mount new - $40 TB vesc used - SOLD TB nano remote used - $40 TB 180mm trucks new - $35 TB 16T motor pull 15mm + 265mm 15mm belt new - $20 TB x4 90mm Flywheels new - $40

TB single hub motor kit used - $99

PM for sales or questions. Thanks.

I want the new motor

Damn Im in Canada and need that hub motor very badly :confused:

pm’d for TB motor

@MrCamil Do you still have the vesc?

I just bought it sorry