Parting out my custom board - US Only please

Decided to part my board out. I only accept PayPal payments for goods and services. Inbox me or here is cool too… here’s what I have

Custom Evolve Unik Motor mounts for 63xx motors

Evolve rear and front trucks

Evolve All terrain tires, etc… and I have 3 or 4 brand new tires I think I’ll have to look

Landyachtz evo deck, paid over $l

Enertion FocBox motor controllers m

2 Maytech motors 6365 170kv

Enertion Nano-X controller

12s5p 18650 30q Samsung Battery Pack (purchased from psychotiller)

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Mounts trucks and motors shipped to dublin ireland

Putting location + prices is cool.

How much for the certain boxes of FOC?


Depending on location and price I might want deck and enclosure

Haven’t done research on parts in a while… just looked and they don’t appear to be selling the boxs I have… what are they worth to you?

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Location? Prices?

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What about deck and enclosure

This community is a pool of E-Pirahnas for FOCBOXes. Name your price really. ~$100

I paid $123 shipped for my used 1.7 happy with that. Haha I would say I’m interested but they should be sold years before I get paid.

Price on the battery?

wtb prices.

Also, if you’re parting things out, I’d take the 63XX motor mounts.

Interested in wheels

2x maytech motors shipped to the Netherlands?

What’s the price on that battery?

How much for complete set up?

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im interested in focbox… is it unity?

No they are not unity

You can inbox me and we can negotiate. Are you in the US? Thanks

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Still no prices?

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DM’d let me know =)

pm me for price also focboxes