Parts | 2x 6374 190KV - 2x focbox - AT wheels - deck - 218mm trucks and more | europe


unfortunately I have to sell my eSkateboard parts.

two motors 6374 190kv - for both 160€ two focboxes - for both 200€ TorqueBoards 218mm (modified for evolve AT wheels) - for both 100€ Evolve GT/GTX All-Terrain Kit - 180€ Micro Remote 2.4GHz - 40€ Vedder SparkProtectionSwitch with fuse - 20€ BMS 37V 10S Li-ion by LiTech (HCX-D596LI10S80A-04) - 40€ Evo Skate Explore 2017 Landyachtz deck (with inserts) - 150€

I live in Austria - shipping within Europe possible (Austria, Germany very easy)!!!


Pictures please? :slight_smile:

Try pictures if you want anything sold. Also part of forum guidelines. Not really an issue but prices are abit steep unless these are prestine and new parts.

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167 for a used deck with inserts :scream:

I cant remove the box from mine… Or I would put it on the market too :laughing:

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the parts were not used - it was only started to build

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What brand of motors? Pics appreciated.

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Also enclosure with the deck? Pics of deck please :slight_smile:

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seriously, post pics or noone is gonna buy. Also, pics are required for sale threads.


Im from Austria too, maybe some pics of your Trucks I might buy them :wink:



ooof if true :grimacing:

where does he say that? his earliest post is may 28th

just show me pictures… i want to see the condition of the products

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My bad I read the wrong post :joy:

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Isnt 100 eur a bit much for 218mm trucks they are 65$ at TB? How much are the customs because otherwise this is one crazy price.


That’s about right after tax and shipping

How much is the tax maybe that explains the high price?

So to the UK its like 65 + 30$ shipping + 15$ tax = 110$ = 96 Euro, but I know denmark, norway and germany have higher taxes/imports and shipping etc.

Wow thats quite a hefty price thanks for the info!

IMG_3336 IMG_3339 IMG_3335 IMG_3333 IMG_3340 IMG_3337 IMG_3341 IMG_3342 IMG_3338 IMG_3343 IMG_3344 IMG_3347 IMG_3349 IMG_3346 IMG_3348

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how old are those focbox (average km number?)