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Parts Advice (Batteries, VESC & Charger)

Hey Guys, so I am on the mission on building an Eboard, Ive got some Paris trucks and a Turnigy Aerodrive SK3 - 6374-168kv motor.

I have also got a Wii controller for my remote and will interface it with an Arduino to use it as a controller. I will also then get my phone to control the settings of the board via Wifi or Bluetooth.

I need some advice on the Batteries ESC and Charger.

Lets start with the ESC, obviously the first thing you see after searching ESC on this site the the VESC which is awesome, but is forever out of stock. What other option are there from Ebay or Hobby King since hobby kind gets the product to me within two days ? After reading a post by Jason he mentions 60 Amps to the motor should be more than enough. Does this mean a 60 Amp ESC would be good or would I need for instance a 120 Amp ESC and intern the heat radiating off it would be less ?

Basically what ESC would you guy recommend ? Or where is there a store with VESCs in stock :stuck_out_tongue:

And the batteries, for me Range is the most important thing, I want to be able to do a solid 30 Km on the board before another charge,

I know that you can put batteries in series which would increase the voltage and that the s rating is current output from the battery, in the post that Jason wrote he mentioned not to get a super high amp output on the battery but rather a steady stream of energy ?

I am thinking of 2 these batteries in series, what do you guys think ?

secondly I want to charge this thing super fast, like within an hour, I have read that the higher ampage/Wattage Charger you have the faster it will charge, so what charger could I get for fast recharge times as well to charge both of them at the same time !

Thanks in Advance


This is like the go to thread … Take a peek

What voltage are you running?

6s the field is open
But as you move up…

The choices become few

Fast charging on a regular basis is No Bueno …

You’ll just have to get new battiers sooner because you will degrade them quicker trying to push amps

Just get extra batteries

Hey Michael,

Booster Boards have about a 1 hour charging time, how did they make that possible ?

But how drastically will fast changing cut the life of the battery, but non the less, what charger would be required ?

Concerning the Voltage I don’t really know what to go for, does the Amp Hour rating the main variable when it comes to how long it will go for before it dies ?

I checked that post out and was up full but I want to ask more specific questions

18650 batteries

This will help a little

Rome wasn’t built in a day…

Keep researching on this site bud…there won’t be a question you ask that hasn’t been asked lol

Keep it simple mate…

Just use for every 1000mah you can blast a mile with spare juice
Example: if I set up my 6s to be 12000mah I can go a solid 13mi with spare juice

So two of these would approximately get me 22 miles ?

Short answer


Pleas check all measurements so that you have clearance

Regarding your question about how boosted charges so fast: They use A123 26650 batteries which are a lifepo4 chemistry. These allow a very fast charge rate.


Again…with the save…ur my hero today @lox897 lol

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wrong its actually 26650s and advanced lifepo4 chemistry

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But, let’s both take a moment to look how a pro does it.

Subtle, yet firm…writing with authority … A work of art @lox897

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The discharge rate of the 10000 mAh 10c will this effect speed or does the c rating just get lower because the Amps rating gets high ? are the inversely proportional ?

Also any recommendations on a charger, does not necessarily need to have AC conversion built in.