Parts for a whole new esk8 (reduced prices)

Well, didn’t expect to make this thread but here I am. So was going to build a board for a friend but due to delays he baled our so I need the money back that I put out. Everything is brand new never used never tested. Since I’m from Sweden all EU buyers and buyers that buy more products will go first if you want to pay shipping oversea that’s up to you. Here we go

Maytech vesc never tested. 85$ Bought for 98 plus shipping. Sold

Sk3 213kv 6364 Motor that is part on it’s way to a silicone wire mod. Has two flat spots for grubscrews. Can throw in some bullets if you want. Ships in in the conditions on the pic. Bought for 70$ plus shipping so 60$

Mini remotes bought for 35$ Selling for 25$ I got 2 comes with receiver and bindplug. Sold

Carbon motor mount for calibers I got two. Some guy sells these for over 30 (not sure! ) so I’m selling 30$ each got two. ( one left )

So lots going on here 1 anodized black aluminum pulley kit. 15mm wide with 36t and black motor pulley made out of steel 15t for flywheels. Belt included bought for 47 plus shipping so 35$ this is the real kit not from ebay that stole the guys pic. 2 brand new 83mm flywheels never ridden 30$ 3 one silver clone caliberstyle truck 15$ Sold And 2 white scraped No brand trucks. 20$ Sold

Box 21x17x6 10$ Percentage display 5$

So I have a he2 8s3p liion pack with 60A bms from batterysupport comes pre assembled as a plug and play pack. With a charger laptopsyle. No pics of the pac since it’s on it’s way to get spotwelded and assembled so the buyers has to wait for it to be done to ship. So you know. 150$ Reduced price

As you can see I probably missed something but it’s everything needed for a complete build. I can think of a deal for everything pm for that

I have a Guy that gets his hands on second hand loaded boards Tan Tien, dervish and if your lucky a Vanguard and som of the fat ones - around 250$ pm for the ones available.

Ask questions! If intrested dies I will part out and the more you take I can give discount.


pm sent 10chars

I am parting out!

I’ll take one motor mount

Pm’d for a bunch of stuff please

I would take the remaining motor mount and the puley kit :slight_smile:

Pm me please

So everybody know all items the has been discussed to buy from me Will not happen and another one can buy it untill you pay!

Vesc and 2 remotes are sold. The rest is up for grab until further notice

one motor mount and all trucks sold

last motor mount an pulley kit sold

Can you upload pics of the battery pack? And you mentioned a loaded vanguard, can we buy separately?

Battery sold, only motor and board left pm me if still intrested