Parts for Consumer Board

Hi! As the title says or you may have seen in my past couple posts I’m trying to find the parts for a consumer grade board. These are the parts I have found so far… Any suggestions on switching the parts for different ones are welcome!

11s3p from @JLabs and custom ones in the future $299

Tayto Deck with the bottom cut into for a sleeker enclosure making the build/board thinner $85

BKB or custome enclosure for Tayto $110

Enertion Focbox and R Spec Drive Kit $730

Mini Remote from ebay $25

Total without mass buying: About $1250

Forgot to add but the first deck being used for testing is a jet spud replica with a recessed center by @Ian-mountainboard

So you want to cut out the original Tayto? It’s already very slim deck, not sure if that is a good idea. Or you going to produce a Tayto shape deck by your own?

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Haven’t seen a Tayto yet but if it has enough I will try to recess it a little so that with a smaller case it would be thinner… if anyone has thickness measurements for the Tayto can you send me those?

It’s 7ply. Be aware that by removing material it can start flexing which means your battery need to be flexy too or your welds will break and we don’t want to know what can happen than.

Hmm good thinking I thought it was like 11 ply

It’s possible to remove material someone has done it on a Spud.

But it’s after covered in carbon fiber. Not a flex expert, but that cf should regain some stiffness, no?



And for which price you want to sell it than?

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Not sure yet

What price do you think I should sell it at?

@ that price, I’ll stick to building my own.


Idk, that is all up to you. Just was interested. I mean if your main parts are like 1250$ than you need some plugs, bolts, sealing etc on top and with it it’s still not paid your time you spend for assembly, sourcing parts, packing etc.


Insurance, taxes, business costs.

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You pretty much have to charge double or almost double what it costs you to produce any product in order to be profitable. This has nothing to do with esk8.

After you factor in your time, lost packages, customer returns, broken stuff, demo/prototype units, taxes, customer service costs, producing/maintaining a web app, et cetera

Entering the market with a $2500 board, if it’s not a @psychotiller or @longhairedboy quality board, it won’t sell at all.


:ok_hand: Ok 10 char

also you’re coming into a crowded market. You’re going to have to work even harder than we did. By we, i mean dave, ernesto, myself, who else is building boards now? we each have our niche though. Yours will have to be special.


@longhairedboy is right. I think I read somewhere that you are 12 years old… Is that true? Sorry if I sound harsh but if so I don’t think you should sell boards… just my 2c

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True, I still need to find that. This is just sorta of trying to gage what people would want on a consumer/prosumer board as I’m still a long way away😀

Completes is a hard game to play, if it’s good it’s expensive and not many want to spend that much. If it’s cheap it breaks and you get a bad rep. + you are 12, I don’t mean to be rude or anything but that is very young to be starting a business of this kind where so much can go wrong so fast. I’m not saying it isn’t possible but I would have a very hard think about it first and test all of your products very thoroughly before opening them to the market