Parts for sale make offers! (US)

I have some parts new and used for sale 1 new unused focbox unity SOLD 1 new unused maytech 4.12 super esc 1 used set of six shooters with 60t and 42t pulleys from psychotiller+ full set of tires and tube replacements 1 new Bkb hm10 bluetooth module!1 used 90 miles 12s4p diyelectric 60a battery 1 new maytech v2 remote SOLD 1 used 50 miles enertion 2.1 hub kit SOLD 1 Boosted XR battery used 50 miles 1 vruzend diy battery kit 20190811_142721 20190811_142759 20190811_142617 20190811_143521 20190811_142826 20190807_150927 20190807_002447 20190807_002432


Where you located?

Interested in bkb bluetooth and 42T pulleys for six shooter.

I’m located in Hillsboro, Oregon 97123

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Chuck that info in your profile dude. Makes it easier for sales threads but in the interim I changed your title. Glws

Are you selling that direct drive system? If so how much? Also, who makes it??

Looking for $275 for the hubs, its enertions 2.1 kit.

How much for the Unity?

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Messaged you about the shooters

That unity is looking sexy image

Buy it @FranciscoV and give me back my focboxes lol *derp

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Hahaha. No can do brother! Focboxes are worth their weight in gold :rofl:


Theres a little heart in the bottom right hand corner of the box that you can use to say thankyou when somebody helps you out. All you do is click on it and the person then feels good about themselves for taking time to help a brother.


Bottom left master dareno :joy:

Err no its the bottom right from where I am looking. It is to the left of all the other icons i’ll grant you but its definitely right of centre. You’re on a phone hey? I’m on one of those old fashioned computer thingys

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I have 6. That makes me Smaug nestling on my hoard.

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Haha. Protect them with your life brother. I have a little bit of experience with Hoarding stuff and it is not a bad thing :rofl:

The R-Spec Drive? The one that is used in the raptor 2.1?



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theres something about you thats really familiar…

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It’s probably just something about my screen name that you like. :wink:

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