Parts list ideas for Trampa Ultimate Holypro Urban Carver

So I just recently decided to build an electric skateboard. I’m new to this process, but somewhat proficient in electronics as I’ve built, destroyed and rebuilt numerous quadcopters and other rc stuff.
The Trampa Urban carver looks like a good platform to get started as it comes with everything I need except the electronics, battery and transmitter/remote. As of March 2017, what is the general consensus on the missing parts I would need? Or conversely, are there better options then the Trampa, I’d love to read about them.

Hey @Landshark, am in the same exact situation (without the RC building experience :wink: did anyone ever send you a list?

Thanks, Alex

No, but check out my build thread Landsharks Trampa it has a pretty thorough parts list. I’m learning as I go but everything seems straight forward.

I already have the board and I really like it a lot!