PARTS LIST pls help me im a NOOBI

Hello! im going to build a board but i need some help…

2st APS 5070HEV Outrunner brushless motor 270KV 2200W

Is two motors to overkill for my purpose? if i have two motors should i have more kv to get more speed?

on the pulley im thining of a 15mm belt and 15t on the motor and 37t on the wheel. i would like to have a max speed of 55km/h and a good torque for climbing upphill.

On the ESC i have no idea… i have been googled and this is driving me nuts… is this the right one?

On the battery im thinking of something like this

Thank you! / Confused

I’m guessing you are going for a 10s1p battery. If that is the case are are going to want a lower kv like around 190-200 kv. As for esc/vesc dont go with that piece of crap that will probably blow out the first time your throttle it. I’m guess you are in the UK/EU

something like this for the motors

For a vesc go with maytech or flipsky.

Here is a website I am working on. It will let you easily explore many esk8 vendors without remembering or writing down a ton of URLs.

its not finished so don’t be alarmed by all the 404 pages.

Thank you briman for your answer! Yes i live in EU, sweden :sweat_smile: okej why would i like to get an lower kv? I would lik to have a topspeed for like 55/km/h and still lots of torque on low rpm. The esc i choose because i think its easyer to connect, its all in one. But i can go for another one :slight_smile: i dont know about the battery, how big do you think i need? If you would build this, what parts would you buy? Thank you again!

I would go a lower kv because the current setup would go over the erpm and would blow the esc.

If I was building this I would go with the one of the several vesc6 versions. With 6374 190kv maytech motors with 200mm surfrodz or trucks equals to them and a 12s4p of 30q batteries. That is just me but with those quality parts it would be a lot more reliable. Adjusting your wheel size and pulls sizes you can get a 40 mph.