PARTS LIST pls help me im a NOOBI

Hello guys and girls I need help to a build, im new and I wan’t to build my own board. ;D hope you can help me to make a nice and good board for at reasonable price. under 700 USD. I think. I live in EU so if you know a good site link it (ty). but here are what I think should be in the build.

SKATEBOARD T TOOL BLACK products/skateboard-t-tool-black?variant=712258256919 Price: 9$

SINGLE MOTOR MECHANICAL KIT products/single-motor-mechanical-kit?variant=1271539335191

  • 63 mm motor mount + 83mm clear blue weels + Upgrade to 15mm Wide Belts Price: 212,50$

ELECTRIC SKATEBOARD MOTOR 6374 190KV products/electric-skateboard-motor-6374-190kv?variant=712609955863 Price: 120$

TORQUEBOARDS 2.4GHZ NANO REMOTE CONTROLLER products/torqueboards-2-4ghz-nano-remote-controller?variant=712499560471 Price: 60$

MALE TO MALE SERVO CONNECTOR products/male-to-male-servo-connector?variant=712555003927 Price: 2$

TORQUE ESC BLDC ELECTRONIC SPEED CONTROLLER products/torque-esc-bldc-electronic-speed-controller?variant=722351915031 Price: 100$

I know there are missing som parts but I hope you can help me there and if you know something better and cheaper. (just link the items and a note if you will. (ty))

What type of battery are you looking at lipo or Li-ion

I don’t really know meybe a lipo, just the best for the price I think. and and the easiest to install.

Lipo would be cheaper then li-ion most likely but you still have to figure out how you are going to charge them and what kind of series and parallel you want. Also you need to have an idea of how much range and speed you want. Also what type of deck are you doing this on. Looking at your parts the skate tool is not needed if you have nut drivers and socket wrenches currently you are just under $500 without the deck and battery and enclosure. I’m not sure you can do it for under 700.

@okp at unikboards is based in EU and would probably be able to get your parts quicker.

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For that motor you’ll probably want a 10s battery. You’ll also need a way to charge it requiring a BMS (Battery Management System) or Balance Charger. I would recomend reading these threads.

Ohh nice (ty) I will check it out.

Go with a 12s2p stealth battery from Miami electric boards and grab a BMS it comes with a charge port on and off switch and it Is great also u would get just the motor mount and puelly system from Diyelectricskateboard and buy nice wheels such as orangatang kegels, or Abec flywheels, and buy caliber 2 trucks and pick your own color.

I’ll look it up (ty)

I used the turnigy lipos with the higher C rating on my first build. They worked really well at a good price.

FYI I run the Torqureboards VESC, 6374 190KV motor, Nano remote and pulley kit which I LOVE!

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Do you use this to power one motor or two? I’m looking at the Torq VESC, 6355 190KV.

What kind of distance, speed do you get?

Unfortunately the answer to speed and distance has a bunch of variables because theoretically with the 6374 if you ran 107mm wheels with a 60c battery you could hit close to 40mph. NOW for most people who maybe have a 10s 20 to 30c battery and 90mm wheels for example your top speed will be around 26mph. If you run 97mm wheels you top speed will be close to 28 to 29mph. As for distance if you ran on flat ground with your 2 5s lipos in series, you’ll go about 10 miles on a charge.

If you do go with lipos I would advise not running it below 20% of its charge so it will last longer.


hey what is best 44 degree or 50??? I have only tryed long board 3 times

I would say go with the caliber II 50 to start. They are a really good truck for $30. Your 50’s are going to give you a better turn radius also.

@achatham cool. thanks for the response. For this build I’m not really looking for speed per se. 18mph is plenty.

Nice ty for the help

@plasteroid and @Bubber feel free to pm me if you want feedback on parts or how-to’s :slight_smile:

I dont know everything as im still learning, but I’ve nerded out on this for a few months now.


Lots of good responses already few other things, here’s the best distance calcutor I’ve seen so far

If you don’t have it already would also look at a soldering iron of some sort (higher price ones typically get to temp quicker and or maintain temp better), you’ll also want to scoop up some 12 AWG or even 10AWG stranded silicone wire and XT90 connectors (probably worth just getting a box for practice ones and replacements plus will need a couple to wire things how you want in the first place). Speaking of the XT-90 also search “loop key” here for some threads on how to make those. Personally prefer loop key for robustness and simplicity over a switch and BMS (I just use a couple balance chargers to charge two 5S separately and join then in series on the board). Only other big thing you’re missing here is some head protection and if you plan to ride at night ever some sort of light and or retroreflective stuff. Believe @Deckoz has a thorough thread on safety gear (on that note also some good threads on general riding and foot braking, look those up if not familiar)

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Thank you very much for your help

I agree with @wafflejock start off with an anti spark loop key (YouTube has some good videos on this) and then go to the whole bms and power switch setup. It’s WAY simpler!

Get the calibers II 50s in matte black and Boa 90mm hatchling wheels, @torqueboards has a pulley kit fit it, @jlabs has another kit also.

Vesc wise fit with enertion focboxes.

Everything else is sorted out :sunglasses: