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Parts needed for new VESC

I am currently waiting for the new batch of VESCs to be shipped out to me. I am currently using a 120 6s hobbyking esc and its about time i bought a VESC. But just to make sure i can get up and running the day i recieve my vesc in the mail i just wanted to know if i need to buy any other parts for the VESC such as wires or cables or anything to get started.

Put the post under Eboard electronics. Please remember to categorise your posts so we can keep everything tidy.

Also, it depends where you buy it from and what connectors you have now. Ollinboards has the option to choose which connectors you want and enertion sells their vesc with 5.5mm bullet for motor connections and XT60 for battery

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@b-rad like @lox897 mentioned, you’ll need connectors that match the rest of your build. I’d also suggest some way to mount the VESC to your deck or enclosure, and extra silicone wire to extend your cabling if needed. A USB cable to program it, and you could also download and get familiar with BLDC Tool. I’d also suggest doing all the reading about configuring VESC, calculating your max current and voltage, and figuring out your wireless controller situation. If you’re planning to use a nunchuck, you could get that ready in advance.

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Oh okay thanks for that information! Is the cable needed to program the VESC a standard micro usb or is it a special usb that i need? And also ive been reading alot that you need a power source to program the VESC to power it on… ive read people using plugs used to charge laptops… but im unsure on which laptop charger to use and how to even re-wire the charger to use it on the VESC.

Not micro usb, you need a mini usb connector.
Any plug-in 12v dc supply will do.
Search for “12v dc” supply on ebay.
You’ll need to connect the positive and negative leads to the red and black leads on the vesc respectively.