PARTS S/T: Bigben Glasfiber Enclosure brand-new, Lou Single Motor ESC+Remote, Lou Hub Motor 1,5kw [EU]

Hey guys,

I’ve received this sleek enclosure from @bigben which was originally for one of my builds. But unfortunately it won’t quite fit on the board. Its brand new. The internal space is 540x145x30mm and its made from glasfiber. Really clean and sleek looking with a nice matte black finish !

I’d like to have 55€+Shipping. Preferably in EU. Paypal available. Also open to offers :slight_smile:

2: Single Motor ESC + Remote (from Lou Board) I also have this Single Motor ESC plus its remote which I got from the Lou board. The board runs on 10s (can be configured by soldering). I think its the generic Single motor ESC which is sold on meepo etc. The only thing that doesn’t work is the push-on feature. You’ll have to use a power button to turn it on or off.

Here is a link:

I’ll let this go for 25€ + Shipping.


PM’ed 10char

Bump + Updated Item !

Both still available. Am also looking to trade for parts, searching for WHEELS, MOTOR(10s), REMOTE.


Bump 10chars, Prices updated !

Bump, a drivetrain from the Lou board (Front truck + wheels, back truck (single hub motor 1500w) will be added soon.

up--------- .bump

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Adding a Single Drive 1,5kw Hub motor from the Lou Board including the front truck and wheels. (90mm)

Motor is running fine and does not have much miles on it since I was just testing it and swapped it out on my Lou board. Wanted to look under the cover and accidentally round off one screw, used the Dremel to open it. Just a cosmetic blemish.

Letting this go for 85€. I can add in the Lou ESC + remote for another 15€.

Update on prices:

  • Bigben enclosure for 45€ + Shipping !
  • Lou single motor ESC for 15€
  • Hub motor + front truck and wheels (90mm) for 80€ !

Would the enclosure fit on a 29" jet Spud? Taking the shape into account of course.

I think the internal space works out as 24.5", not sure of the space between the trucks on a spud but I’d be surprised from the looks of it.

looks like you could fit a huge amount of cells stacked in this

I don’t think it does. It barely fits on my icarus :slight_smile:

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Oh well, thanks for checking anyway. My battery is a 10s5p, I was hoping to find something that would work with that on the Spud. Guess I’ll keep looking…

That enclosure was modelled on a Landyachtz 9two5 and has 545mm x 145mm x 30mm internal space. For a spud enclosure there is no other, @Eboosted enclosure also sold by @JLabs 10s5p is big for a spud though!

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Yeah, I know. I don’t have a huge budget, so I have to repurpose a lot of stuff from my first build, like the battery for example. I may end up 3d printing an enclosure and reinforcing it with fiberglass or carbon.

What configuration is the battery? Where are you based?

Battery is a flat-ish slab of 46.5x14x3.3 cm. It’s going to be a tight fit and I’ll still have to mount the vescs on top. I’ve got a 36" potato-type board from ehlers long boards I can try instead.

ESC sold to @vedarinis

whats left: Bigben enclosure for 45€ + Shipping ! Hub motor + front truck and wheels (90mm) for 80€ + shipping !

will this enclosure fit on 12s4p 2 focbox?