Parts to sell or exchange

Hi, I have 2 things for sale: 1.hubmotors (with trucks and front wheels) -original product link: -I used those motors for some time (less 10km done), one of the cables is slightly damaged (the fist photo shows this cable, one or two strands is broken) i can unwrap the electrical tape and send more photos if it’s needed. Otherwise the motors are fine. I sell those motors because I want to switch to allterrain wheels. -price: 210£ +shipping from Poland (negotiable)

2.parallel charging adapter(2s-8s) -original link -not used at all. I bought it without knowlage how to use it when I was building my first board, it doesn’t fit my charger so I’m selling it -price: 25£ +shipping cost (negotiable)

prices are negotiable I’m considering exchanging hubmotors for all terrain set (wheels, trucks, motors) similar to:

feel free to contact me :smile: