Paypal no longer safe - full refunds not guaranteed

Interesting…it appears it is no longer safe to purchase (second hand) goods with Paypal, as refunds will not be paid back in full.

PayPal refused to pay me back as well in the past. Clear right from my site but they found an excuse to don’t do it. I do not trust it that much anymore.

PayPal sux. Ebay wants divorce. They will take adyen.

Maybe silly or not possible but what of the possibility of us all connected to the same bank or Paypal account where deposits could happen anytime but withdraws could be controlled to only a certain name or maybe even an exact time. I don’t know if there’s any way to control withdrawals from an account … be cool we could get around all the fees somehow like that. Maybe even an account overseer

That’s basically an escrow system which is what paypal is supposed to be.

I’ve not ever had issues selling/buying with paypal, but you need to know how their system works through and through to have a good experience. Always use paypal invoicing and set reasonable return polities in the T & S and its extremely difficult for either party to get around them and scam the other party. 50+ Transactions and its been okay for me, YMMV

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Because it doesn’t let them pay through the account, they have to access it through their email. So it avoids people claiming they got hacked and charging back. Also if you just say “no returns” it voids any potential return clauses and you can easily get screwed over, so if you go through and set T&S its difficult to get past them

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