Pelican 1170 Top Mounted Enclosure - Need help keeping connecitons waterproof

So I’m redoing the enclosure on my board (again) to make it a top mounted box so that the board has lots of clearance, and allows me to have easy access to the electronics. I’ve seen a lot of people going with the pelican boxes as they are diving grade boxes that are waterproof, look great, and large enough to contain the electronics we need. However, I have a few questions about how people went about making sure their setup remained waterproof.

-Power Button Amazon has a few latching LED buttons that are claimed as waterproof. Would this be a reliable option to screw into the top of the case? I don’t plan on riding my board in the rain, but if it does get pelted with rain from above I want to make sure water stays out of the enclosure. (Also do the buttons being pressed and depressed affect this?)

-Battery Meter My plan for this is to drill 4 tiny holes at the corners of where I want to mount the battery meter, then use a dremel or small buzzsaw to cut a rectangle out and snap the battery meter in place. Before snapping it in place, I will lather the edges with some plastic JB weld to make sure no water can get between the edges. Any suggestions to improve this plan or am I on the right track?

-Cable Connections The cables going from my VESC to the motor I want to make sure don’t allow water into the box, and I’m unsure of how to go about this. Ideally if there was some rubber tubing with a screw cap on the end where I could run the cables through the rubber tube and screw it/adhere it to a hole in the enclosure then that would work about perfectly. However I’m not sure if I should approach this as doing the 4 cables individually or bundle them all together, or if this is even the correct approach I should be taking.

-Charging Port I would like to have the charging port mounted on the outside of the box, but I would need a little rubber cap to keep it sealed when not in use. I also have utmost confidence I will lose said cap and therefore am trying to find a different approach to take. The current charging port I have isn’t a mountable one, it’s simply a loose hanging port that has plastic on all sides and no way to screw mount it to the enclosure (If yall have recommendations for mounted waterproof charging ports I’d greatly appreciate it!!). All else fails, I can have the charging port inside the enclosure and just pop it open whenever I need to charge the board.

Thanks in advance for the feedback :slight_smile:

edit: forgot to mention I’ll be using rubber washers on the underside where the enclosure is bolted to the board to help ease the hard shock and vibrations the enclosure experiences.

This is what I use for my charging port-

And these for my wire pass troughs-

Those look perfect for the cable pass throughs! Also for the charging port I was thinking about going with something like this so I wouldn’t have to rewire

what have you got in the 1170? i’m thinking I can fit a 12s8p in there tight from the measurements I found online


I leave it all in the case and used silicone for the pass throughs

That’s four lipos. My esc has its own case