Penny longboard/caliber II's/Kegel 80a's/8s lipo/VESC now with less duct tape ;-)

Guy’s, I present V2.0 of my Penny Longboard

After having a few issues of the cheap mount that I used on the penny trucks coming loose every ride, resulting in stripping the 9mm htd3 belts, I scored some replacement parts here within the group and upgraded

Got a pair of black caliber II’s from @Fulabi which also included a early Woosh mount, and after swapping out the motor plate for a 3mm steel plate (I didn’t have any 310mm belts for the mount) and swapped the wheels for a set 80a Kegel’s and an upgraded 15mm htd5 belt system the reliability has been increased 10 fold.

No more stripped belts, I can give it full power, and full braking without worrying about stripping the teeth straight off the belt and I’ve had it out for a couple of longer, 8 miles max, rides and love the feel whole thing altogether

I’ve now just ordered a 5565 200kv motor to drop the motor speed down a touch, but I’m also uping the batteries to 10s 5800mAh which should give me a little more riding distance, but that’ll be for version 3.0


That’s one big penny (that’s what she said…)

Wooah this is really nice !!

How did you made your enclosure ?

It’s 3mm hdpe clamped between two bits of shaped 2x2 and warmed up with a blow torch to bend it