Penny Power MK4

My first board build happened way before I found this site. So thank you for the help you guys have already provided me on the research for my second Eboard.

This is my Penny Power MK4. It’s just the right size to fit in an overhead and I have skated all over Sydney, Vegas, Tulsa, and OKC with this thing. She runs great but it’s too short and too tall to really top out. I have yet to get much past 15mph.

The bracket was originally too thin on the first run and I had it welded on (by someone who didn’t do a great job.) So I riveted another plate on there to beef it up a bit. I haven’t had any skips on it like I did with just the one bracket.

I didn’t want to have to remove my batteries so I built in a way to just plug in my charger to the board and with the flip of the switch, It is wired up for charging.

Here is how I wired up my switch. Originally it had like 3 switches with 3 positions each. But now it’s simplified down to one switch!!! So there is a charge position, off position, and run position.

Also… Bread pan battery case works WAY better then I expected. And the hot glue is just there to keep it all from coming loose when I ride.

I HATE THESE LIPOS!!! so for my next build I am going to make a 10S3P 18650 battery. Here is my layout and the deck I am working on.

I am in the beginning stages of this build and I am still trying to get all my research in. My brother is in the process of getting a 3D printer so I am going to figure out how to make my housings and battery that way. But here is the start!!!

Let me know what you guys think. I really wish I had this site when I originally built my first one. Maybe I wouldn’t be on MK4.


Looks like a great start! I assume that the styrofoam on the board is to make vacuum abs molds, same as what I am going to be doing on my next build… I actually just organized an 18650 battery group buy to get the price down per battery… Mostly everyone that bought cells is going to be making a build thread about their build… here is the link if you want to check it out

I also created a build thread for my battery build I am doing… It icludes wiring and a parts list if you are interested

Hope this helps out! Let me know if you have any more questions!! JLabs

I have actually been following your post and wanted to hop in the group buy. But is it too late?

Great idea for the components housing!

ALSO, what deck is your first board made from? did you make it from carbon fiber?

Next time ur in Vegas…Lets ride! :facepunch:t2:

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Thanks! It actually saved me on wiring because I used it as a ground for everything and is the whole reason why I can go down to one switch!

I bought my deck off amazon. it is just a cheap blank but I picked up a carbon fibre vinyl from AutoZone. It’s one of those go faster stickers that adds 5hp to your car.

Serves no purpose other then “hey that looks cool!”

@Michaelinvegas I will be there next month for NAB! I don’t know how much free time I will have but I plan on bringing my board!

Your board looks SUPER RAD btw!

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Right on…get some lights NAB ain’t all night :facepunch:t2:

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What Hotel will you be staying at?

I don’t know yet. That’s our head guy taking care of all that. I will find out from him tomorrow.

Well if you end up at the Westgate…PM me your info … I’ll get your room pimped out a little

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It’s Circus Circus… The cheapest one I guess…

Lol holy shit-hole…dude book ur own room lol

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Crazy contraption. I like! What size is this board exactly? 22 or 27". Also is that a 9mm belt?

The belt was a 9mm but I changed it out to a 15 not too long ago and I am so glad I did.

And the deck is 29inches. Perfect for a carry on. But not a real penny board size. I should make a real penny board however.