Penumatic wheels and spring loaded trucks on a eskate...options?

As I was getting comments on my first build I was told that the ride might be rough for a first build but as I was looking online for idea’s I noticed these wheels Here and thought I could add these. I saw the price and was scratching my head. Its more then half of my first build and saw evolve sells there off road parts and even saw a pair of trucks I can add. My question is would there trucks be any better then a stock set…would the ride be smoother. Then looking even further I saw trucks like these. and wanted to know what options I may have for a smoother ride going into my next DIY build. I live in Cincinnati and the roads are not the best. any help would be appreciated

Comfy ride: Pneumatics Flexible deck Comfy shoes And this

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Hay i also found these from facebook . can i use These?

Get the @psychotiller six shooters and never look back lol but seriously they are the best around if you havent got hubs for pneumatics yet especially.

As for the trucks I think @mmaner and PT will share sentiments that you don’t need channel trucks to improve ride comfort. The springs afaik don’t really dampen the ride as they don’t function in the same sense as dedicated suspension in bikes or some escooters

Edit: You’ll notice that the hangar and baseplate which interact directly with the deck are still attached via the kingpin which still transfers the shocks from the road much the same way even without the springs

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I have those trucks with the cheap ass 6x2 pneumatics awesome ride but past 20mph the wobble gets real unless you buy dampas from trampa or the orange copies running around in the forum dont remember who sells them tho 15392620290842816640616337929120

Ps found them you should pm @Kug3lis for the custom dampas if its of interest to u

so the ride is smooth but past 20 ill be real bad wheel wobble without those dampas from trampa? I noticed the dampas and there only about 20 US dollars. ill consider getting them because I would like as smooth of a ride as possible. (( my city’s roads are rougher then shit and I feel a e mtn board trucks would make it easier…also I want to do some off roading…again I might go another route but right now this seems like a possibility.

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