Performance comparison 100kv vs 200kv

We have one battery (44V 200 cont. A) and two Motors (100 and 200kv)

A. If we have one 2:1 (100kv) and one 4:1 (200kv) reduction. B. if we have the same reduction.

What would be the estimated wh-consumption at 5mph / 15 mph / 35 mph? i dont want exactly numbers i just want to Analyse the relation between These factors.

if the 100kv and 200kv motors are the same size, same copper volume, and the gearing is adjusted for each, and the same electrical wattage and voltage is applied to both, the higher kv produces more mechanical watts for the same electrical watts, or you could say the higher kv can produce the same mechanical power as the lower kv with less copper loss (ohmic heating).

electric motors like to spin fast more than pull hard

but the ESCs come in to play here so go with a lower kv

You mean because of ERPM Limit? Focbox does not have this Problem (130k i believe?).

Or did you mean something else?

You were the Person i liked to get an answer from! I just forgot the nick and so i did not tag you in the first place.

I really like your Charts and Knowledge. Where do you get the Charts from?

So i should aim for a 200kv Motor instead of 100kv? What about friction loss due to the different gearing (200kv spins more = more fiction loss) or is it insignificant?

the actual difference in efficiency between 100kv vs 200kv to me seems slight, but the efficiency does improve the higher and higher the kv goes for the same km assuming the gearing is adjusted.

in my humble opinion adding motors is the real way to improve efficiency… for example consider 2 motors at 100a motor amp setting or 4 motors at 50a motor amp setting… vehicle performance would be nearly identical, but ohmic heating per motor would be 1/4th wth 4 motors compared to 2 motors. total ohmic heating of all motors combined would be half. same performance with half the loss means more efficiency.

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I am totally with you! Thats the only practical way for better Performance. But sometimes we are nailed to boundaries…

I am Setting up a street carver build. i did not want to make it 4 wheeled only 2 wheeled (Less costs/maintance/weight and i do not think that i have Performance issues and Need 4 motors). Now i have to decide which Motor i take.


2 6374s are overkill especially if you set them on 60a each the board will just fly off from your legs lol 6355s are really good for dual