Person(s) w VESC 4.20 and/or VESC 6.6 insight

Hi Guys,

I am having a hard time deciding on whether I should future proof my current build with a VESC 6.6. My board will be powered by a 12s5p battery and from what I can gather the VESC 6.6 can do this easily, unfortunately the cost is very, very high for this part…I am also coming across sites that advertise the VESC 4.20 as being able to be used w/ 6s to 13s Lipo’s but then in the line right underneath where it says this it then adds “recommended 10s battery”…

Does anyone have the real skinny on the VESC 4.20? Can it really power a 12s battery if it says it can go up to 13s? Since this is a 4WD build I will need two dual VESC’s (whether I go with 6 or 4.2) which is going to add significant cost. Can anyone give me any advice, do I really need the VESC 6 or can I use a 4.2 and be ok?


Why not use two unity’s (unities?)

They will handle that with ease and meet the middle ground in cost vs functionality.

Are you talking about the Unity Focbox from Enertion? A quick price check shows them at the same cost as a VESC 6.6.

Can you program a Focbox like VESC?

trust me the unity’s is way better. the focbox unity is technically based of-of the vesc

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I’m hearing a lot of support for the Focbox. Can this be hooked up x2 so that I can utilize 4WD?

Yeah it should work without any issues

I’m in the same boat. New 6.6 available. The focbox unity availability is the problem. I’m still reading that people who ordered in October still haven’t received there’s. Id be interested in the focbox, but the reality is I don’t know if I can get one

I’d wait until theres an official fix to the roadkill firmware.

? Is that the focbox issue locking the brakes I read about?

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Whatever you guys DO NOT buy your stuff from Flipsky! I can not stress enough how much you will regret it. I did not heed the warnings of others and am paying the price dearly. I won’t go into detail of my escapade of how I came into possession of the incorrect FSESC’s (bought two with a 4WD build in mind, -$600 before I even got my shit, received one VESC that doesn’t even work properly from the start) other than to say Flipsky sold me the wrong VESC and wouldn’t own up to their bad advice. So I settle for 2WD build and less than two months later and now the other VESC is shitting out on me, and fucking up my 12s5p battery with it as the charger tuns on and off while it charges - 2 seconds firing up and coming to full power and then poof, the charger dies and reboots or recycles or whatever. Pretty sure that’s going to fuck up the battery real good, real fast.

So by all means go ahead and save $40 on a Flipsky. You don’t really save shit when the items break and you’re left holding your dick instead. I could have spent $80 more and had not only what I wanted but it would be working properly now too.

Anyways, that’s my experience from Flipsky, learn from it or don’t and be like me, out $600 but soon to be much more…

been trying to decide on an ESC and ive been reading the opposite… i heard that its taking FOREVER for people to get a unity in hand, and that they dont take the 12s power they are rated for. and that the dual 6.6 is great, handling power like a boss and just as easy to hook up as a unity is.

so im in a similar boat trying to figure out which one to spend money on that wont just die after a short use or start killing other components.

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Lots of folks told you how to use it for 4WD, but you did not listen.


I have flipsky single 6.6 and have done more than 850km with 10s battery…


well that def makes me not want to listen to what he has to say about the flipsky 6.6! the comments about it though def have me keep wanting one haha, lots of miles put on them with minimal problems

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On the other hand, i’ve heard only compliments on the 6.6 (mostly the dual version) And for the battery issue @kchxaz, the esc is not doing anything during charge (it’s not even turned on), so it’s either a charger, a BMS or a battery problem

This has been my issue. Ready to purchase motors and a VESC and completely stuck. Focbox might not be in my hands for 3-6 months. They’re having issues. Flipsky is very mixed. Blah blah I’m gonna wait a few months until the focbox is straightened out. Bought a complete Ownboard to hold me over until then

Yup my flipsky 6 has been reliable.

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My flipsky 6.6 never missed me out so far.

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