Personally, how do you log your board's performance?

I’m interested in seeing how different people benchmark and log their board’s performances over multiple runs?

My personal benchmarking equipment consists of:

  • Stopwatch
  • Phone running “geo tracker” app, for gps tracking
  • Charger, which tells how much capacity it has charged to the battery.

So I don’t have any “live monitoring” possibility as all my samples provide an overall average of the run, except the gps tracker shows the current speed. So I can’t for example see how much power the motor is pulling when going uphill.

I then pool all the data into a google docs spreadsheet and do some basic analyzing. Here’s a link to that particular spreadsheet I recommend jumping to the “Gen2.1 Deck” sheet from the bottom of the page to see my current boards performance.

This Imgur album has some pictures at the end of the “geo tracker” app


The watt meter wouldn’t be one these Turnigy’s power analyzers?

I used to use this on my earlier deck because the box under the deck had a lot of room for it, but it doesn’t fit into the current deck :neutral_face:

Sorry to resurrect this one but I think it could still be ‘viable’’ for new users…

Personally I use wattmeter but im not super sure in how precise it is but in voltage reading it is quite okay and I believe watts/amps should be off for more than 5% anyways.

Some other methods probably are:

Vesc app / telemetry for it EagleLog?

Checking on smart charger how much capacity is charged vs miles/distance done before at specific average speed…