PHANTOM XENOBOMBER: 13s6p VTC5A, 210amps peak, dual 6374, dual Focbox, 8.2kW CONTINUOUS build <WORK IN PROGRESS>

Focbox heatsink for yah.

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and my evo based on ‘master evo’ I have 2 modes so far ‘pussy’ obviously really low settings and deckoz with same as your settings :wink:

@delinlo my 13s5p is fairly heavy, a 6p will be quite some weight - hope your prepared for that! and good luck looks like a fun project :slight_smile:

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Haha I used to have two modes, but now it’s just the full power all the time. So it’s a good excuse for me to tell people they can’t ride it, because they’ll die lol and they can’t handle it. They don’t believe me, until I take off full throttle compared to them. Pretty much embarrasses any board I’ve come across in acceleration.

But in reality, it’s like handing a 1000hp RWD car to someone whos only driven upto 300hp FWD. Just gotta ease into it and always be aware of your available power.


Can you even take off full throttle while standing?

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@delinlo If you don’t mind waiting you can get the remote way cheaper here:

I bought two before already and it took a month for it to arrive. I just bought two more yesterday. By the way their stock amount is bullshit or wrong. It said there were three left yesterday even after I bought two. It still says three left today.


Yeah, you’ll be known as the cheeky fucker making enertion huge profits because everybody listening to you are going to be frying their VESCs constantly.

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I actually hadn’t considered the weight of the thing. I guess we shall see when it’s all built.

Also, how do you create those modes? Through the phone by the bluetooth UART?

Great link, that’s exactly where I bought them from earlier this afternoon! :ok_hand:

Thank you for the tip man, unfortunately I have already bought my remote but maybe it will benefit somebody else who sees that website.

Not really. Lol it’s within Focbox limits. Your more likely to melt motors then hold a higher constant current that will fry the Focbox. My board has thousands of miles on these focboxes, and they were on my vanguard before that which also had thousands of miles on it. Add some extra aluminum mass, and they’ll last forever.

Sure the voltage is closer to the limits, but the amperage as a whole is typically alot lower compared to the same board at a lower voltage with the same rider.

No, tucked holding the front of the deck or front ankle to hold my upper body down.


That’s actually a really good point I hadn’t thought of before. Since it’s the amps that make the heat (not volts, not watts) and 70 amps at 6s is not 70 amps at 13s, you make a lot less heat running 13s.

This is what I dream of late at night :smirk::sweat_drops:

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70amps on 6s full charge

6s * 4.20 = 25.2v 13s * 4.20 = 54.6

25.2v * 70A = 1764W 1764W / 54.6v = 32.3A

Focbox is rated for ~50amps on the pours… So

13s max wattage 54.6 * 50 = ~2730W

1700W is still alot of power per motor.


yea I use metr pro - this is my first focbox build, being able to configure so much is amazing!

I can carry my board but its not exactly something I want to do very often, I don’t mind carry my boards that have 50 cells - I use these for going to shops etc. but I don’t feel my 13s5p (65) has the same portability :slight_smile:

I worry 78 cells might make the board a little ‘annoying’ when not riding (I own a bajaboard so I know what too heavy means for the general usability of board!)

@Deckoz I love the feeling of having so much power - I did think first time out ‘OMG I really don’t need 13s’ was only the very first time out tho lol


Already got the metr app downloaded on my phone, it seems like a very optimized way to program the board on the fly. I will be sure to make a buttload of setting for my first ride (never owned an esk8).

See, I recenty realized a pretty scary thing: I will be riding a skateboard worth 2 grant almost every day, bringing it to university, to the mall, to barbecues etc. Including places where you are not allowed to ride a skateboard (uni hallways for example). So I decided I would just drill a hole into the board and use my 700grams or 2kg bike U locks to lock it away (as I do with my bikes). But I just don’t feel comfortable locking and forgetting a marvel of technology worth 2k that can be taken apart with a set of allen wrenches and a skate tool (the deck is 80 bucks and that’s the only thing that would be secured). So how do you guys do with your esk8s? Carry them around everywhere? lock em?

I also got a cheap china smart watch that runs Metr pretty well - not so good for actually modifying settings but good for swapping them and as a monitor

I carry everywhere - could never relax with it chained up somewhere, if I had to leave it I would only leave it in a bike locker type thing

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Yeah I thought you would need to carry it around…

About the smart watch, I recently got a garmin vivoactive 3, don’t know if it runs metr, I will check and report back to you. I will gladly take the link for the cheap chinese watch though!

This is another project I had, my dad recently got rid of his crap android phone cause the battery was cooked. I offered to get it off his hands, buy a battery for it and repurpose it as a display for the esk8. Make a custom enclosure for the phone and bolt it to the front of the board kind of display. So I can always monitor my stats: speed, power, battery level etc. What do you think of that idea?

the watch I got, had (and still has no google store on there, apprently some update will fix it but I just copied the apk’s on there got few VESC type tools running)

@banjaxxed actually took the change and tried a china watch first

I’ve been thinking something similar about mounting an android, I have a slightly different use case , I want the telemetry data from deck and my arm (I hope to use a little machine learning in conjuntion with the heart rate monitor to see if I can teach a machine what ‘rad’ is :wink: )

also this one it too big for wearing (I think) but I was considering making it a mph display and mounting on an x-washer

What’s crazy is I hardly ever go over 25-30 anymore. But getting there extremely fast is just so much fun. Lol when I ride other boards it feels like I just got into a Honda Insight and pulled out into traffic and am not going anywhere… haha


That is the dopest thing I’ve heard in awhile, such a badass idea! I have very little experience in programming so I couldn’t set up the algo but it won’t be 100% accurate because UART VESC data doesn’t accurately reflect everything that your heart rate is affected by. For example, imagine you see a group of underdressed chickens roaming the sidewalk and your heart gains 10bmp to push the blood into different organs :smirk:. Well that exciting encounter would false your data and trick your algo into thinking that a random deceleration is “rad”. See what I mean?

I recently bought a 1000mm x 50mm x 3mm aluminum plate to “machine” (hem hem hem angle grind) an X bracket into. An X bracket that would go over the end of the board to mount an XHP70 on the front directly to the alu plate and then stick a heatsink to that alu plate. Custom cooled diy built 4000 lumen lighting, main battery powered of course.

Plus you have that weight advantage. 40lbs makes a huge difference. I put a 40lb box of cat litter on my board coming home from the store and it made a very noticable difference. I’m riding just myself over 190lbs.