Phase one of dynamic truck tension based on speed

For my first iteration of this build I will be designing and casting a double truck system with an electronic lockout. This system will have two different sets of bushings one set that are very soft and one that is very hard. the hard set will be on the bottom and the soft set on top. upon reaching a certain speed (probably about 30 mph) an electronic locking mechanism will lock out the soft set of bushings providing lots of stability at high speeds. Any ideas on a locking mechanism?


Reminds me of dual rate coilovers in the rally and offroad scene.

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these magneto-rheological fluid dampers are pretty cool and could work as well.

They provide up to 500 pounds of resistance at 1 amp (12v) pretty impressive and i think would work well with @MoeStooge current setup. kind of spendy though at 500 bucks a pop.


If you’re thinking dampers, how about a cheap adjustable damper with a small stepper motor in place of the adjustment knob, and some circuitry that plugs into the vesc to readout the speed and adjust dampening based on that?

Dampers on boards are great, on the rear at least, but it’d be even better if it automatically increased and decreased based on speed.

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Currently using a similar product. Used CBR 1000 damper. 5v feels about right. 12v is overbearing. Needs a volt adjuster on channel 1. IMG_20171118_135504 IMG_20190131_165032955


Haven’t a clue how to easily accomplish this but I like it. Maybe a solenoid that engages the second set of bushings like an in & out box.

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Isn’t @Nowind using some type of motor bike steering damper on his his E-Toxx Trampa MB systems?


this is awesome!

Really cool to see some of the advancements we are getting in the esk8 scene. Things like this are things I never would have even thought would need developing and yet you guys are already killing it. I wish I was a VC who could just throw wads of cash at all the cool people on the forum

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