Photon Remote 20% off + Kit version

Hi guys,

I’m happy to announce a limited time 20% off discount on the Photon remotes + introduction of a kit version.

V2.0 now has dedicated hardware for power management including soft power latching for maximum battery life. V1.0 was only capable of deep sleep mode.

  • Complete Remote $119 $95.99
  • Kit version $109 $85.99 Save extra $10 without 3D printed case.

$25 UPS express shipping worldwide 2-4 days

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  • Supports up to 4 receivers.
  • All available Vesc variants
  • Cruise control / Reverse mode
  • Detailed stats about your board: voltage, amperage, average temperature, traveled distance, battery percentage, amp hours, etc…
  • Trigger/safety switch
  • Failsafe function to neutralize the board in case of connectivity disruption.
  • Auto-reconnect
  • Displays remote battery level
  • Displays electric skateboard battery level
  • Total traveled distance
  • Custom throttle acceleration and braking sensitivity
  • Ability to turn the buzzer on and off
  • Option to turn board lights on and off if you have them installed.
  • Units change -Mile/KM
  • Assign a function to custom push button.
  • Well designed user interface with an advanced gauge.
  • Auto-binding function
  • Auto calibration function
  • Built-in RGB editor
  • WS2812B LED strip driver
  • Turn signals and reactive braking
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What does the failsafe function do as it “neutralizes” the board? I’m looking for something that i won’t lose connection is this better at holding connection than typical?

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The signal quality has been improved a lot during the past 2 years of development to be very reliable.

In the very rare event the remote is disconnected from the board, the transceiver will go into neutral mode, meaning it will stop accelerating/decelerating.






Looks like a great remote. Looking forward to having it in my hands.

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Thank you, here is a video showcase of the remote printed in silver color.

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Remotes are still on sale! I’m about to submit the new batch order very soon.

How well does the screen hold up under full sun light?

It would be hard to see clearly under full sunlight, similar to what you would expect for most displays.


need a remote for my gtrampa 2019 pro belt vest 6 4148819687 or [email protected] i want 1