Photon transmitter and 2 receivers UK

I have for sale a photon transmitter and two receivers which have only been used for bench testing latest firmware installed to all 3 and pin headers fitted to 1 of the receivers IMG_2487 IMG_2490 IMG_2491 throwing in some LEDs i never tested too £90 plus fees and postage thanks

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Also in uk

Do they have multiple speed modes??

apparently you can adjust ride mode to suit your tastes @Halbj613

according to first post

Where are you based

Derbyshire… near matlock

Will take for 50 won’t do more than that

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Tell me if you need it gone

I wouldn’t expect a reply to that :joy::joy::joy:


Nah was just jk

I am broke at the moment

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xD If you happen to need battery cells I’d be town to trade for this as I need a remote. Otherwise I suppose in a little I can offer 70. Its better than 50 xD

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Fin he isn’t looking to trade I will do so to got tons of stuff which I am not using

still available

Willing to trade if you want look at my thread about the parts I am selling

thanks but its all about the cash flow atm :wink:

Do you still have that vesc6 from trampa for sale

Question: Are the two recievers meant for two different boards, or can they be used to power a dual motor setup (dual remote recievers, no canbus). Thanks

pretty certain they are just meant for different boards

£80 ono price drop…

Do you still have that vesc6 from trampa

If yes I will take it and the remote

the vesc 6 went a long time ago :wink: