Pick your next Motor Mount Design!

Gearing up for a U.S. Based Caliber 2 motor mount group buy, but want to gauge interest and get some feedback first.

Designed and Built in U.S.A. clamp: 12mm (1/2") 6061 , Plate: 6mm(1/4) 6061 or 6mm(1/4) 316 marine/food grade stainless (+$extra cost)

Design A

62-68mm CTC – 6mm travel – +/-5 deg angle – optional Adjustable belt idler

Design B

58 - 65 CTC – 10mm travel – 360 deg angle

Design C

Fixed 72mm CTC - Dual adjustable idler

  • Design A
  • Design B
  • Design C
  • not dazzled yet…

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Design A by far the most Cost effective, and I think the strongest. B and C use the same clamp so I cold do both plates.

But i thought i’d see what other users like… but I’ll probably ignore the results and go with what I want anyways… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Caliber only for now. may adapt to round paris/bear/buck/liquid when these are done, tested and shipped.

note: All design were made by me, if they appear similar to existing designs that is probably because they do the same thing, only better. :wink:

I would try to add more angle adjustablity to A

Assuming you went with type A, how much do you estimate this would cost?

Is the belt idler really necessary?

@chinzw There is actually a bit more but its a trade off between angle and ctc tension travel. i’ll add some pics of the printed versions so you can get a better idea.

@Cloud_Gnash just an estimate depends on numbers, type A will be about clamp $20 6061 plate $15 /stainless plate $20. so $35/40 for raw parts, $40/50 finished mount -hardware/dremeled edges/plastidip coat… +$7 shipping us/can

@Pantologist belt idler is completely optional! it works fine without it! There was deadspace, and the idler just makes it more adaptable. (except for design c, idler is the only way to tension belts)

In my experience, having a 2 part clamp design works much better. Enertion’s mount has a 2 bolt clamp and it’s rock solid without anything additional needed. TB’s 1 bolt mount can be hard to mount solidly.


I think the issue is because the hanger cutout needs to be more precise with a single bolt clamp. BUT the placement of the single bolt can be important, it determines where the clamp “squeezes”.

if there are other who agree, I can change to a 2 part clamp.

More pictures…

design graveyard…

option B - 63mm top - 50mm bottom

Option A


I agree with @Jinra too. Enertion’s mount is rock solid because of the dual bolting system.

Also CNC is not as accurate as 3D printing so any slight offset and the mount will still work well.

I will work up an option E dual Bolt and added it to the running…i hope i can change a poll (Edit: can’t edit a poll anymore. @mods )

also these all have been designed to be made with CNC Water Jet Cutting.

What about us EU ppl?

Like A and B but make then a double clap instead of just one. I had problems clamping TB’s v4 due to it only being one clap. Two is better imo!

Everything would ship out of Los Angeles, i’m open to EU buyer would pay shipping. They pack flat and are very light so envelops work :slight_smile:

If theres enough I can try to find someone to send a larger amount your way, then ship/pickup from close by.

This is not a tested mount, but the entire CAD assembly exists as solidworks file at https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/0B1q9GisJy4tHN1JiSlZubmVpaUk?usp=sharing. Feel free to use them however you like.

If there is any interest then I can even make files for regular wheel pulley(i.e. non snapin version)

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thanks for sharing! solid works makes it look so fancy.

I think the only 100% undoubted proven option even for complete amatuers is the dual bolt option. Enertion makes the single best mount out there for skateboards.

I’ve tried them all and there is always something


Its the opposite actually. Any decent cnc can hold 0.001" (0.025mm) tolerance at least. Hell, i can hold that tolerance with my cnc router. 3D Printers usually deviate from the original measurements because of layer squish and internal arcs.

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yes with high pressure water jet it should have very good precision.

I actually have to add a good amount of tolerance to holes to get proper sizing when 3d printing, But I think that just from vibrating out of alignment with my kit printer…

Also I was able to make a couple 2 part clamp designs, will upload pics in a bit.

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almost forgot, new Designs progress!

Design E - Two part clamp

Design F Two part insert + Single bolt clamp 360 Rotation! 30mm id @whitepony you might like this.

Design G 2 part insert + 2 part clamp + 360 Rotation!

should I just keep going to z? :sleeping:


Thanks everyone for voting. I’ll make a new one after i’ve got some feedback and print some test models.