Picking a deck... will it work?

So I’ve been looking around for a stiff deck because the one I have is a little too flexible and as a result I’m having trouble with my enclosure breaking. There are plenty of drop through options but I need it to be top mount because my board is belt driven. I’m also having trouble finding one that is functional yet looks cool (because lets be real here. It’s all about the looks XD).

So low and behold I found this one which looks good and seems like it will work for my application.

BUT. I’m not sure if wheel bite is going to be an issue. I have 87mm wheels right now but in the future might get some bigger ones like 100mm mbs all terrain wheels. I know that I can add a riser and then it won’t be an issue but I like how my board is low to the ground and I need the stability for going higher speeds.

So what do you guys think and what are my options here?

You could always make your own deck. It could be as flexible as you want and you could make some sick graphics for it(maybe with clear grip tape).

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A typical conundrum… With a normal’ish top mount deck like this - you’re going to struggle to go 83mm or larger w/o monster risers. 100mm MBS would be far too high IMO. I’m sure someone has done it and LOVES it… but i’m a as-low-as-you-can-go guy - minimal risers and shock pads only if i can.

If you want to go big wheels… i think your options are to switch to a symmetrical deck like vanguard or most downhill decks (nice since usually stiff too). Here’s some shapes to see what i’m talking about if you can’t visualize vanguard:

Any of the last 4 or 5 shapes - without the drop-through are what i’d recommend. The cutaways for wheel clearance is the key feature for big wheels.

my .02 - ingenuity and creativity can make just about any board work - it’s just a lot more work/effort…

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Thank you for the info! I guess that deck isn’t going to work but I’m starting to like the Arbor Vugenhausen which others in the community have used. The one thing I don’t like about it however is that it is not a cutaway and will have wheel bite. I did find however that they have a 2016 model that has a cutaway and seems perfect! http://www.nordboards.com/vugenhausen13.html

What do you think about this one?

the cutouts on the 2016 vguenhousen look pretty good. You might need spacers or wedges (i like wedges to make it more “turny” sometimes) to clear still.

I’ve seen a few builds on the non-cutout version w/ risers and 83mm wheels - so i’d run 83’s if you want minimal risers.


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Ok cool! Thanks! Helpful as always :smile:

I love the Arbor Cypher 38"

The Honey also looks really good, but if you haven’t seen the Never Summer Reaper 2016 get that one, it’s the most beautiful deck I had.

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