Pitbull electric skateboards

Are the 12s4p packs legit Panasonic cells and also can I request a charge only bms if I wanted to

The forum is a very… Constructive place where people are honest about their opinion

Just prove the haters wrong by making kick-ass products :slight_smile: good luck!


Man so tempting! Dare I flip a coin?

Do it for Science :test_tube: :smile:


I’ve heard two people now have issues with things never showing up that were prepaid… Is it science still?


Hmmm :thinking: probably more like gambling :slot_machine: in that case… lol

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Read what I said. I didnt slander anything publicly. We had a dispute. If anyone wants my opinion i will gladly pm them and let them know my side of the story but you need to chill with calling names. Im not the one posting about not receiving a board and ive kept our incident out of public discussion so maybe just work on fixing your problem with fenchie