Pittsburgh maker fair meet up Oct. 15-16 (specifics to be determined)

Like the title says lets see who eskates in pittsburgh! Lets meet at the perfict place maker fair where all diy and makers go to show off their stuff! http://makerfairepittsburgh.com/

Ohhh I may have to come down to this. Im north of Wilks Barre. About a 3-4 hr drive.

Cool i have never seen another esk8r in pittsburgh!

I want to make it to this sounds dope and much closer than Florida but still pretty far drive for me I’m looking at like 5-6 hours and putting like 330 miles on my car maybe I’ll get a friend, rent a car and spend the night

I’ll have to see how my schedule with school works out, but this sounds awesome!

We are coming up on the dates 15-16th do I have any takers on the group ride? Eatier dates.

Im canceling the group ride due to no interest.