Pivot size TB or caliber trucks

Hi guys, quick question, I thought I have the solution but now I am doubting. In the pictures @wapkoen linked, the diametr of the caliber pivot is 12.8. then I found what they call a perfect caliber truck cad model and there the diameter is 12mm. image If someone has already caliber or TB trucks can please check the length of the pivot and the diameter? Thank you very much!

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@mishrasubhransu man in case you will remove your caliber can you please check it for me. Thanks a lot.

i printed a hanger with 12.66mm diameter and it fit well, could lose 0.1-0.2mm for a bit looser fit.

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Perfect. So I guess 12.8mm is the real one since 3d printing is like plus minus 0.1mm. Do you also tested the lenght?

14mm length. What are you gonna do? make your own hanger?

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IMG_20190211_173732 IMG_20190213_014612 IMG_20190213_014623 IMG_20190213_014652

Yep need it for my second direct drive

Thanks for the info!


@Alphamail will have your answer I’m sure.

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Looking for Caliber or Caliber II?

Actually TB caliber clone. I thought they were the same or really similar.

Cali II will fit in Cali and Cali II but not the other way around since Cali II is slightly shorter. TB218’s take the Caliber II and the dimensions are approximately .700" OD x .498 ID x .495" depth and .645" overall length


Thanks a lot! I will compare it with the model I made. What do you mean with internal diameter? I was referring to the metal part attached to the truck not the pivot cap.

You mean the pivot nose of the hanger?

yes that one :grin:

They are very close to .5" diameter

Diameter or radius? Because the would be really small no?

Hopefully we are talking about the same thing, the pivot nose of the hanger goes into the pivot cup so the diameter is .5"

the dimensions are approximately 17.78mm OD x 12.65mm ID x 12.57mm depth and 16.38mm overall length



#'s for the real world…


Perfect I think I was doing the wrong conversion… :grin:

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