Placing a charging port on baseplate

I would like to put a 2mm jack plug charge port in here, since I really do not like the way it looks on the enclosure, since I took apart my whole build and rebuilding it wholly from the battery to wheels to look nicer Id like to find another place to put a charge port

I wold just drill a small like 2-3mm hole on the side to run the wires through into the enclosure But I need something to screw a jack in to, possibly 3d printed, Is there a already a file (I doubt it) or something? Because Im really not feeling designing this

Could you give me some feedback on my idea? (do not know if its posted before) Or recommend some other place to put the port?

Where is your foot on top?

Is it a drop through deck?

I’ve done a power button on top with the wires ported through the neck of the kingpin frame(the slanted opening on top of the baseplate) with a hole drilled for a switch in the deck… but you could do a charge port instead?

I didn’t ride for months so due to lack in time, but it certainly isn’t on the baseplate, the trucks will be mounted to the bottom so I have more clearance, and yes it is a drop thru (9to5 deck)

could you take a picture of that please? And yea, I also need a solution for a switch :smiley: , I would like to go remotely but Im kinds skeptic of it and scared of it failing

Might inspire you

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I would prefer not making holes in my deck since i made already like 10 of them and they are closed now, especially without a machine like a cnc to do it nicely, thanks.


Woah, I didn’t even see the switch on there…