Planetary Gearbox for carvon exo direct drive

I won’t be building a e-MTB anytime soon, but inspired by @Frank 's planetary gearbox and carvon exo, this is something I have thought of. Hopefully someone will use/improve on this design. I haven’t design the gears because I don’t really know how to design the gears. Note that this gear only works with airless 6" tire ( , as the air tube will be in the way of the gears. The hub I based on is @Maxid 's 6" hub cad.

(though I guess carvon might have thought of this already haha)

Connector to the motor ring (If you are wondering why there are 4 holes instead of 6 its because I’m working on a jacob hub build) The blue part is where the sun gear lay on

Inside of the hub I assume using 10mm of meshing gears here, but I don’t know if it works or not. The outer design of the hub(where the existing star is) can be varied and should be covered completely to prevent dust and dirt.

An image of the direct drive, the connector and the hub

Here are also some maths found mid-way: exo drive kv 90 optimum reduction ratio : around 1:3~1:4

P.S. Oh and If someone did use it, I would definitely want improved file :stuck_out_tongue:

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Gorgeous, like all I see and follow on this forum !!

I settle here :blush: (Im doing the same with air tire inspired by frank and my maytech hub too)

I’m on the reflexion to how to fix surely the sun gear to the rotor face and old the stator (not starting from a jacob hub).

All your thinking, 3d modeling and design seams really goo to me :stuck_out_tongue: Did you get a 3d printer to test/try it ?

For the gear tappe h"ow to draw a gear" on google or youtube. You could aslo dl an add one maybe for your softwear (I got it with fusion)

Best wishes and good continuation !

Planetary gearboxes generally need some kind of grease. Do you know what you’ll be using? Also remember to use o-rings for a good seal in your design

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