Planned build: "Omega Carver" | Landyachtz Evo Falcon | Evolve trucks | 2 x FOCBOX | 12s5p | eBoosted enclosure | SK3 6374 | Metr Pro

Hi everyone.

I got tired of waiting for my Raptor 2 to arrive - will it ever? - so I decided to go all in and build my own Electric longboard, to keep myself busy, and in the process (hopefully) get an amazing board that I can fix myself.

Full disclaimer: My parts list has drawn quite some inspiration from @sk8l8r’s Clone Evo.

Follow this link for my brainstorming session and live parts list:

Without further ado, here’s my list for the build I decided to call “Omega Carver”:

Part type Part name Link
Deck Landyachtz Evo 39’’
Trucks Evolve trucks - Front
Evolve trucks - Rear
Risers Angled riser pads, skateboards 5°
Wheels 4 x Boa Constrictor 100MM, 83A
Bearings Bones Super Reds, 8 pack
Transmission 15mm 32T wheel pulley, kegel
15mm 15T motor pulley, metal
3 x 15mm belt, 280mm
Motor mount UNiK motor mount, Evolve
Motor Turnigy Aerodrive SK3, 6374, 192kv, 4032W
Motor Controller 2 x FOCBOX Controllers
CAN bus connector
3 x 3.5mm Male/Female Bullet Extension
4mm Gold Connectors 10 pairs (20pc)
Turnigy High Quality 14AWG 3m (Black)
Remote Enertion Nano-X
Battery FLAT 12s5p, Samsung 30Q
Generic charging port
BMS switch
Battery Percentage/Voltage Display
BESTECH BMS 80A Continous
100-240v 36 2amp charger
Enclosure ABS Enclosure 38x165x530mm
10 x M4 bolts for enclosures
10 x Washers
Lights Led light kit, rear brakes control

Do any of you see anything wrong with this build?

I might build my own battery in the future, but that’s a topic for another day.


Maybe get Boa wheels?

And the antispark switch is optional since the BMS has an eswitch


@moon Thanks for your inputs!

So you are saying that the BMS switch acts as an anti-spark switch in itself? - Because the battery I am buying comes with an external on-off switch that’s attached to the BMS.I was curious as to what that “BMS switch” actually did.

Regarding the wheels - great suggestion, just replaced the wheels :slight_smile:

Oh yeah, I didn’t read all your post before commenting, You don’t need an antispark.

FIY theres builders on this forum that make custom battery packs for probably much cheaper. @pjotr47

Also since you have changed your wheels you will now have to change the wheel pulleys

Another note, some websites you chose are located outside the EU, so expect import tax

@bigben makes enclosures too if your worried about unexpected tax

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Updated to KEGEL type pulley system. Currently looking for a european vendor that sells 36T pulley drive-trains in metal.

I could most definitely be interested in a custom battery pack, should there be a european builder willing to do a commission for me. That also goes for enclosures. @pjotr47 and @bigben - interested?

Again thanks, moon. Man, I wish I had checked this forum earlier, what a great community! :slight_smile:

Would it make sense to put the VESC’s in a metal enclosure? E.g. this one:

Edit: VESC enclosure idea discarded. Thought it was needed on 12S5P battery builds.

The case is more of an optional thing. Dont order it yet since you might not need it

Also, you are going to need specific length belts, this depends on the motor mount


Have you taken a look at this deck?

Thats another possibility


@Kug3lis makes beautiful machined parts for esk8

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I checked his site earlier today (, looks like solid quality machining. Unfortunately his selection is somewhat limited currently, there’s no 36T or the one connected to the motor, forgot the number.

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@moon snap! lol

hmmm, I have a 36T if you need it?

The motor mount I’ve selected should allow for tensioning/loosening, so as long as I get the approximate belt ordered, I should be good. The https:// kit comes with 16T/36T and 265MM belts, so I’m going to order 300MM belts, possibly also 320MM belts.

Edit: Updated list with new transmission system.

Re: @moon 36T: you don’t happen to also have a 15T motor pulley? Otherwise no worries, I’ll just order from websites.


I have 16t

I do an enclosure for a single stack and I can get a 10s5p with large bms in mine. I also have some of the decks that @moon was talking about. You can see what I’ve been making here.


Good luck getting your motors fit. I’ve seen it done but on my Evo falcon with eboosted enclosure and caliber 2 44 degree trucks I had to do reverse mount. I had the same mount you have listed and had 1/2” riser.

Yes! You can send me a message here or on instagram. I must check if i have a BMS in stock. The last weeks I am building much packs :slight_smile:

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