Planning a first build, Help? | FOCbox Unity | Trampa Holypro | DieBieMS | Dual Torqueboards 6380 | Firefly Remote

Heya Guys. So I’m Planning my first build and I wanted to make sure that it was suitable, and compatible so who better than to ask than you nerds (sarcasm). If you have any feedback on the parts, please let me know! I’d rather learn from your experiences.

Anywho, here’s the parts list. I Hope to start slowly acquiring the parts, but obviously, im limited by my wallet, damn thing is always empty :roll_eyes:

Deck- 16ply 35º HOLYPRO MTB - STIFF (I’d like to get it like the HS11 deck does, without the holes in order to make this build as waterproof as possible)

ESC-FOCbox Unity (hoping this thing holds up to its reputation)


Enclosure- TRAMPA HS11/ HOLYPRO double depth enclosure by @Eboosted with a 12s8p cells (30q) to match)

Motormount-The Dual Mounts offered by @Idea. Eventually hoping for Toxx Direct Drives

Motor(s)-Tourque Boards 6380. I’ve chosen this due to the hot climate where I live and figured that I could benefit from its slightly better thermals

Trucks-Trampa Vertigo Trucks with yellow Dampas

Wheels- Trampa 8inch superstars

And on top of all of that I’m hoping to use the Firefly remote by @solidgeek and the Metr.

So some questions I have.

  1. What charger would you guys recommend to use with the DieBieMS? I know it needs to be CCCV, but hoping for some tried and tested ones. this will work
  2. Will I run into any issues using the Metr, Firely remote, and DieBieMS, which all need to connect into the Focbox? Like will I have enough support from the Focbox? Likely not, in fact, they should all work together just fine, so yes, there is enough support from foxbox
  3. The DieBieMS has a power switch, but when I connect it to the focbox, will the focbox’s “smart switch” also serve the BMS, or will I need to mount both switches? Answered below, but the Focbox switch can just be bypassed (short the switch wires to create an “always on signal”)
  4. Is the “smart switch” that comes with the Focbox an anti-spark switch? or will I need a dedicated one? Both Switches (BMS and Unity) are antispark, so another one will not be needed, however, you do not have the “instant off” or “key” functionality that you have with a normal xt-90s pull switch)
  5. (finally) Any recommendations?

I appreciate those of you who took the time to read this, and look forward to any feedback you guys provide! I look forward to this build, and hope thatr it’ll be a blast to ride!

Edit: Answered some of my questions (14-10-18)

The hs11 is not longer available. But it’s not a big thing to close the holes with epoxy.

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I was hoping that was not the case. For some reason, Epoxy worries me. It’s not hard, i just worry about water ingress due to an improper bond with the board. Perhaps i should be looking for another deck? Perhaps the TRAMPA 35 short? Or is deck not ideal compared to the Holypro?

You will not get the Eboosted enclosure under the short deck. For my next build i will 3D print some covers and glue them inside of the holes, plus the griptape on the top…no worries about water coming inside :wink:

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Of course! How could I forget the enclosure! I guess epoxy it is. Ill ask @trampa if there any advisable way to proceed.

If youre in a gifting mood, feel free to share the file with all of us! :slight_smile:

He will say you the same :wink:

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If I have the time to measure everything out and test printed some I will for sure share the stl file

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Many thanks for your input! Yeah getting the angles just right ought to be a challenge. Best of luck though!

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It’s just plastic and we are diy guys… A bit sanding down edges shouldn’t be a big problem :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Thats the spirit!

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I know some people are opposed to FOCboxes, whats the reason why?

Like are there disadvantages when compared to VESC or ESCape?

How you come to it? It’s all based on the vesc just in different hw versions. Some things better some maybe worth.

What do you mean?

Are there clear advantages/ disadvantages to the ESC’s? Maybe a forum thread somewhere goes into this. But i havent been able to find clear answers, so i figureed it must rely on personal experience to dictate what is good, what is not.

I mean how you came to it that focbox or not good. For sure it’s micro electronics and…it always can be that you got a bad one. Doesn’t matter from which company. Most of the vescs with mass production made in China and who knows how exactly they check them before shipped out. Besides this, the focbox based on hw4.12 vescs, which means you limited to a max erpm of 60000. Over that you risk to fry your focbox. The advantage of vesc with hw 6.x is that they have a higher erpm limit 100000-150000 usually. And most of them also can handle a bit more constant current. If you compare the focbox with other vesc with 4.12 than focbox is definitely the way to go. Reliable FOC and with stock heatsink up to 50a constant current is something the cheaper versions can’t manage.

I see, So given the specs, do you think i would cross that RPM threshold to risk frying the FOCbox? Or should i be fine? Would it be more wise to just go for VESC with hw 6.x in order to get more from the board?

I was speaking about the usual old focbox. Just have seen you listed the unity. Not sure about there limits but with 12s and 170kV motors you anyhow don’t hit the erpm limit. It’s only critical if you run 12s with motors higher than 190kV.

Personally I have two focboxes, two Flipsky 6.6 and some escapes. They all a good choice. If you looking for getting the unity and you have the time to wait i‘m sure it’s also worth it‘s money. If you want a cheaper dual esc look for the Flipsky dual 6. as long as you don’t use there power switch they seem to be solid too.

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thanks loads @Andy87 I appreciate the time and thought

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What do you think about the motor choice? Should i stick with it or Change to the 6374’s by tourque boards? Or prehaps should look at another brand?