Planning my first build

I posted this on reddit r/ElectricSkateboarding but didn’t really get much response.

Here is what I posted.

"I want to make/convert my longboard into an electric, what DIY kits would you guy’s recommend?

  • I am about 90 kg (200 lbs)
  • I don’t need much top speed I’d rather want torque.
  • I want a decent ride time (out of each charge) though I don’t really know what is considered decent :slight_smile:
  • I don’t want to break the bank
  • I have a 3D printer (if that helps lower the cost)
  • I was thinking about using my RC car transmitter (unless that’s not considered safe/good practice)
  • I’ll be using it on paved bike/walkpaths.

I think that lists up all my points, like I say I have a 3D printer but not sure how useful it will be in this project, if 3D printed motor mounts are strong enough etc."

I own an ebike and two batteries for it they are 36v 8.7 Ah pretty bulky but could be mounted on top of the board. I guess they could be run in parallel but was hoping one would be enough since they are pretty big L: 17 cm (7") W: 10 cm (4") H: 8 cm (3.1") Weight: 1.90 kg (4.2 lbs) Also don’t want to ruin them since they are used on my bike :slight_smile:

What would you guy’s recommend for a first build? I said on reddit that the budget was 300$ but that seems way too optimistic. I’d like to be able to start “small” and have the option to upgrade if I really get into the hobby.

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Add a motor mount from @Boardnamics. Maybe use a flipsky vesc instead of the hobby king. Keep an eye on esk8 market place. Used items pop up at great prices. I probably have extra abec clones and pullys i could sell you cheap.


Thanks! ill send you a PM once I have made a BOM :slight_smile:

And ill check out that thread.

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thank you im new here and want to do my first build this helped alot !