Plant Trays are DIY Enclosure gold! haha

plant trays are perfect for enclosures!

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The shape of many of these are great. However, the material seems to be really thin and would easily break.

true but go on amazon and many of the nicer ones claim strength,

for example:

You will notice in the 4th pictures down the difference in quality

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Make a build out of one, that would be cool!

BIG fan of the dimensions on this one! i bet could use as a mold for laying up carbon??


Sankey make a really durable, strong plant tray that’s a little on the long side, but still works wonders…

I actually have a cunning plan to do this, but not as a mold, but I will leave it in. Reason being that it doesn’t add much weight (not relative to the giant battery pack I’m making or the scooter it is attached to) and it DOES add better insulation, electrical that is. While the resin and a layer of insulation tape might be ‘pretty good’, I’m a bit fearful of carbon (incredible conductor) + low source impedance 60V + British summer (read: rain) + my feet, all being too close together!


Does anyone have one with a lip they recommend?