Plastic used in cases?

hi so I know this isn’t exactly a skateboard related thing but I see a lot different companies use plastic on there cases. I was wondering if I can use a vacuum former to make the plastic for my own boards? I do other DIY stuff in my community and thought that I could build a vacuum former and also use it for my skate stuff? if so I wanted to talk about what kind of plastic, where to get it and how hot I need to get it to form on the board? or should I go with fiberglass sense its built more for this sort of thing…anyways cant wait to hear from you all. :smiley:

Do not take this the wrong way because what I actually wanted to do was link a thread to help you but when I did a quick search using the search magnifying glass it brought up too many. Hit the big Q looking thing and type in vacuum forming and read till your hearts content my friend. Happy hunting.